5 things you didn't know about Thapelo Mokoena

Our favourite celebrity crush has more to him than what meets the eye.

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Thapelo Mokoena invites you to "book your first gig"

Actor and television presenter Thapelo Mokoena is a stride taker in the industry, he's been all over our TV screens and for a while was known as that Hunters Dry hot guy.

1. Thapelo Mokoena's name is Thapelo Archibold Sefufane Moekona, his name Sefufane was his grandfather's name so he was named after his grandfather that his family looked up to. And he says that it is the only name that he likes hearing today and would rather be called Sefufane over Archibold.

2. Thapelo Mokoena was the first Fear Factor South Africa presenter in 2005.

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Thapelo Mokoena
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3. Fitness means a lot to the actor and when he runs, Thapelo says he likes listening to South African hip-hop while running and has a great obsession for oatmeal with peanut butter, sweetener and low-fat milk.

4. Growing up in a small village in  Emnambithi-Ladysmith , Thapelo used to herd and fetch water as a child, the actor is very handy as he says he can milk a cow, slaughter and plant seeds and do more. 

5. Thapelo wanted to move in with his wife before they got married and wanted to ask her father's permission for it. Thapelo, unfortunately, did not get to ask his wife's father for permission as the father passed away a week before Thapelo met him.

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