ZAlebs Celebrate Women's Day

Happy Women's Day QUEENS

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South Africa is celebrating women's day today and a lot of people have taken to social media to celebrate what this means to them.

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A number of ZAlebs have said a lot about this day and we love this liberation with all the darkness that is happening in the country curently.

Chriselda Kananda did what she does best and motivated the beautiful women of South Africa and shared a letter to the rapists that hurt and abuse the women of South Africa.

She said, "Today, the world celebrates women’s day and I would like to resend a message to man who molest, rape and hurt little girls. These little girls grow up hurt and hurt people in return. It takes work on self to heal the hurt. I worked hard and continue to share my experiences to help other women heal past hurts.

I wrote the following letter to the man who abused me.
'To the man who sexually abused me as a child and the one thinking about abusing a child today. STOP 🛑I was a child a baby and you ripped my soul apart. As a child I did not have a language for what you did to me but I knew it was wrong. It took years to repair the damage you caused emotionally, physically and psychologically.

'For the first time in years TODAY I re-lived that moment, TODAY I could even smell you. I heard your voice clearly telling me how beautiful I am and I tell you this almost messed my definition of beauty, I grew up hating it when people said “you are beautiful”. Not everyone recovers from the childhood trauma of abuse. It takes so much from that child and today I’d like to speak to the gentle guy trapped in that monster you have become.

'TODAY, I cried tears of gratitude that I Overcame the myths, misunderstandings, and self blaming associated with being sexually violated. TODAY, I promised Nompopi that I will never shift the attention away from you and TODAY, I cried tears of gratitude that I was never silenced by fear of rejection. I spoke out.

TODAY, I reminded myself that YOU and YOU alone was responsible for abusing me as a child. Claiming MY power back from the YOU is so liberating. TODAY, I look at myself in the mirror and I see my own kind of beautiful. One that is loving, kind, authentic, teachable, purposeful, oozes positive energy, loves life and oh wow, what a beauty. I love you MaSkomo. “❤️❤️❤️💝💝💝

Sister, I pray that you find healing and let go of your past. Enjoy life, we are on borrowed times. To the men who enable the healing ❤️‍🩹 THANK YOU 🙏🏾 #youarenotalone"

Hectic Nine Nine's former presenter Selae Thobakgale said, "As I reflect on Women’s day I think back to how for such a long time, our ability to be resilient, rocks and endure has been celebrated. I have been inspired by the evolution of this narrative. As a woman today, I celebrate my freedom.

I celebrate my fragility AND my strength. I celebrate my no, no to enduring crap and being applauded for it. I celebrate my yes, yes to taking care of me first, yes to things and people that sing with my spirit. I celebrate my femininity. It is enough in any space. Enough to Lead, to build and to nurture. Cheers to all women. I celebrate YOU. 💕
#womensday #womensmonth #womanpower"

The Estate's Moliehi Didie Makobane said, "The fight continues, but on this day, let us celebrate everything that makes us us. 🌸🌼🌸Happy Woman’s Day to all our QUEENS!"

Nambitha Ben-Mazwi said, "As I sit here, wondering what to post on a day that means more to me than most realise, I decided to post this raw unedited version of the photographers work because, it was more fitting for my message.

This picture I took at a arduous time in my life (which really has been the last two years), but there is a very quiet confidence that it radiates which pretty much is me in a nutshell. No matter what I am facing, it’s the God in me that permeates.

My prayer this women’s day, is for every women to possess that quiet confidence and to never lose it. The confidence in themselves, their being, their identity and their purpose.

It’s been a painful time for most, and as I have been quietly celebrating women I come across each day through deeds, I hope you pass those deeds a long. There is cry, a heavy one that women in our country are carrying, and it’s hard to ignore it and walk past it.

So please, if you can, be kind to every woman you come across (this month). Whether it be a gesture, or an act of servant hood. You have no idea the impact. Happy women’s day my queens.

Busisiwe Twala said, “A woman in any form shall be celebrated and honored, be it, a sister or a wife or a mother or any other form.” Today we celebrate the greatness that is women"

We appreciate you beautiful women. May this day be as lovely as you all are. Happy women's month.

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