Meet Zoleka Mandela's New Born Baby

A look into the author's life as a mother of six

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Author and activist Zoleka Mandela, recently gave birth to a bouncing baby girl named Zingce Zobuhle Mandela, and she is on cloud nine.

Zoleka is one of Mzansi's most adored authors and she is not afraid to share details of her private life on social media. She had been documenting her pregnancy on social media, until she welcomed her bundle of joy.

Social media users have been yearning for pictures of Zingce, and she’s finally giving the people what they want.

Recently, she shared an image collage of a before and after pregnancy on her Instagram account, giving her followers a glimpse of her baby girl. The picture collage shows her in the maternity ward giving birth to her daughter, and giving fans a first look at her after she is born.

She expressed gratitude to her medical team for the successful delivery and her obstetrician-gynecologist for giving her permission to document her delivery.

"A prayer and shout out to the best medical team, I could have ever asked for from my Paediatrician and all the nurses in the Neonatal ICU who looked after my baby and hospital staff! Biggest hugs to my OBGYN who allowed me to film the entire birth and my Anesthesiologist for helping me set up my tripod and camera (aka my birthing partner) for filming the birth and for capturing the most amazing images of when Zingce was yanked out of my womb!!!  Zobuhle Jnr, we did it, baby!!! Awusemhle!!! Look how happy she makes me, the smile on my face as I was being cut open … I couldn’t wait,” she wrote.

She also showed us her post-partum body and it seems she has no pressure to go back to her pre-baby weight. It is no secret that nine months of carrying a baby can take an incredible amount of toll on your body, Zokela reckons.

“Women may feel internal or external pressure to get their bodies back after pregnancy as though their bodies were lost. Women still have a body after pregnancy. A body that produced another human being.” - Unknown. 🙏🏾 Sleep tightest and dream sweetest, Love … The mother of 1,2,3,4,5 and 6 … ME,” she wrote.

Zoleka has received major backlash on social media for what the society views as having a lot of children at her age, but she is not bothered by it. Taking to her Instagram account she said Zingce will be her last baby.

“Dear Diary, in 2023 and not this year because I’m giving birth to my very last baby for the rest of my life. I’m serious, it’s not funny and I don’t know why you’re laughing about it! Anyway, as I was saying, by the time I turn 43 in April 2023, I’m going to look and feel even better than what I looked like in this video (where I made the decision to be very single). I took in 2020, dawg. I also don’t want a man in my life because the moment I fall in love, weight gain, and pregnancy same time, my n*gga!” She added.

“I just don’t know how I’m going to cope without the sexual benefits of having a man because I don’t want the relationship per se, but I want the part where he comes over when I tell him to; without him spending the night, without him being with anyone else or bothering me with feelings because that’s just not in my DNA anymore,” she said.

Congratulations mommy and we wish you all the best in motherhood.

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