Zoleka Mandela Spills The Ugly Truths About Pregnancy

It's not all beauty and glamour

By  | Mar 21, 2022, 01:40 PM  | Zoleka Mandela  | Top of The

Zoleka Mandela
Zoleka Mandela has never been one to censor herself, and she considers her social media pages her diary. This time she has shared the less than glamorous truths about pregnancy that everyone else hides. 
There isn’t a celebrity in Mzansi who wears their heart on their sleeve quite like Zoleka does. You can always count on her to be open and honest, even when the story she is telling may be uncomfortable for her to tell, or for others to hear it; even when her story may get her attacked and bashed on social media. 

She recently went on Instagram to talk about her body changes, more specifically the fact that she no longer has as much control over her bladder as she would have liked. 
She shared a screenshot of a Google search of the question “Why do I keep peeing myself third trimester?” 

Laughing about it, she captioned the photo, “Hello, my name is Zoleka Mandela. I am over 8 months pregnant and this is who I have become or what has become of my coughing, sneezing and laughing … There goes my street cred!!! The irony of it all is .. Now that my 3yr old is finally potty trained, it turns out that I’m still not at 41yrs - I’m just wondering if I can fit into her step 7 diapers?” 
She has also shared about the back pains that have come with her current pregnancy. She shared a heartwarming video of her daughter Zenzile, who is 3 years old, hitting her back like she was trying to massage it for her, while Zoleka sat on a medicine ball. 

She also shared how the little girl has taken to referring to her unborn sister as her own baby, which Zoleka thinks is the cutest thing ever. “I’m in such good hands, you guys … My daughters have really looked after me!!!", she wrote. 
The author and activist recently got a lot of hate when she made two declarations back to back, that many people on social media thought were reckless. First, she announced that she was pregnant, and just before the fans were about to ask to see her baby daddy or life partner, she revealed that she does not want a man in her life, and is ready to raise her six children on her own. 
But whatever you may think of Zoleka and her life choices, particularly surrounding motherhood, one thing remains true. She is a powerhouse, and her honest vulnerability makes her an icon and an inspiration. 

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