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Zoleka Mandela is a very resilient woman and we love it so much however what has happened to her has left her totally defeated and we can only hope that she bounces back from this.

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Zoleka took to Instagram to share that she has been triggered big time following an engagement she had.

She said, "I’ve come undone. My recent speaking engagement triggered my depression and anxiety. It’s left me feeling absolutely worthless, so sad and demotivated. I’ve cried for days, spent so many sleepless ones doubting my own abilities.

"It sucks. I’m back in therapy with my Addiction Counsellor and on my antidepressants and sleeping pills prescribed by my Psychiatrist. I just want to feel normal again without the emotional heaviness of failure.

"Today’s a whole lot easier, I’m feeling lighter now and in a lot of ways, although I find anything involving basic human interaction still too overwhelming and extremely difficult but I know it’s simply a response to my depressed state and automatic need to isolate, socially withdraw, cutting off all communication with the world. I just need some time … to be left alone for now. I suck"

A few months ago Zoleka took to Instagram to share a snap of herself nursing her tummy and said that she is nursing her 14th baby in the caption. At first glance, one could have interpreted her caption as confirmation of pregnancy. However, Zoleka explained that she just got her 14th tattoo and is currently nursing it.

In April 2021 Zoleka revealed that the Mandela family is currently in a state of disaster. The activist spoke about the worrying state of her family and how everything changed since her grandparents passed away.

Zoleka was addressing the issue of an old man who looks like her grandfather, the late Nelson Mandela, who had people thinking he really is him. She wrote a lengthy caption telling people to mind their own business and told them that she does not know the man, neither does she want to meet him.

She revealed the current state of her family structure saying they are at war with one another and have turned on each other's backs.

“After my grandfather passed away, sh*t literally hit the fan. Things worsened after my grandmother’s passing and I honestly can’t believe that things have gotten even worse after my mother’s passing.” Said Mandela. “My family is at war with one another, why encourage the man to be part of a family that does not even want, respect, love or recognise its own bloodline?" She said.

Zoleka then stated that they have never been under one roof as a family because of the hate they have for one another. "When was the last time you even saw any of us under one roof, as a family? Not when there’s pure hate and evil among us. Lives have been threatened, by family members."

The author did not hold anything back about her family calling them thieves, liars and overall bad people.

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