Tweeps Owe Sarah Langa An Apology

They did her dirty

By  | May 03, 2022, 01:34 PM 

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Remember when Tweeps dragged Sarah Langa for her outfit at The Real Housewives of Lagos launch? Well, it seems they may have to draft an apology letter to the influencer for doing her dirty.

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The social media star's name landed on the worst dressed celebs list after she wore a white outfit with a cap and leggings and she was dressed by SA renowned designer Rich Mnisi.

Many said she looked horrible in the outfit saying it was cheap also. But, many people sang Nicki Minaj’s praises for rocking a similar outfit at the Met Gala last night. 

The prestigious event was hosted at the Metropolitan Museum of Art's 2022 exhibition and A-listers did not disappoint. Nicki was a showstopper in an all-black outfit with a leather jumpsuit, cap and a train.

Although their outfits with Sarah were not the same, their style and the concept behind their look was the same, and Twitter users believe Sarah deserves an apology.

Kylie Jenner also rocked a hat and Mzansi thinks it was inspired by Sarah Langa. Many have hailed Sarah for being ahead of time and they are calling out the hypocrites who are complimenting the international stars but dragged their own.

Sarah reacted to those dragging her outfit at the RHOL launch. In a tweet she wrote "I completely get why it's not easy to get it. Individuality and intellectualising beauty is uncomfortable,” she tweeted.

In a recent interview with TshisaLive, Sarah described her fashion choices as a way to express how she is feeling at that moment.

β€œIt is just about expressing yourself I guess. It's the way I express myself, I've always found fashion as  a form of expression, especially because I'm not a very vocal person.

"I find fashion to be a platform where I can get people to understand who I am or the phase that I'm going through or a place I'm at in my life. That's why it doesn't necessarily have anything to do with anyone's opinion because it's a very personal conversation, a very personal take on the expression," she told the publication.

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