Uthando Ne'sthembu Viewers Show Love To MaKhumalo

"I sometimes feel like Musa hates MaKhumalo"

By  | Nov 26, 2021, 02:41 PM 

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Despite the sensitive nature of MaKhumalo's fertility problems, Musa Mseleku continues to frustrate viewers by the way he discusses the issue on the show.

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MaKhumalo has opened up about her struggles with infertility but Mseleku still insists he wants children to extend his family's surname. In the latest episode of the show, Musa and his wives visited the king to discuss his will and how some households do not have boys, so he wanted to know how he should go about this.

This is as tradition dictates that once the father dies, the daughters have to be taken care of by the sons of each household. What angered viewers was that MaKhumalo was once again reminded that she cannot conceive.

Viewers took to social media to react to the episode. Some want Musa to accept that MaKhumalo cannot conceive instead of constantly reminding her that and saying he wants more children.

@Tsigwili "You know there's couples that couldn't have kids although they tried, the minute they separate or divorce, both of them in their new relationships have kids, sometimes it's just not meant to be. 

@yolish_ "Makhumalo is the victim in all of this and yet she still carries herself with so much dignity. I cannot imagine the emotions she goes through #Uthandonesthembu

@Limpzie. "Why isn’t Musa accepting Makhumalo as she is? I mean, she’s constantly being reminded that she can’t have kids in the most insulting ways. #Uthandonesthembu,"
Musa even forced his sons to practice polygamy to follow in his footsteps. This is as he wants to expand his family. His 20 year old son Mpumelelo, recently told Daily Sun that he already has a baby mama and a girlfriend. "I’m not cheating but I am following in my father’s footsteps. My relationship with them is built on trust and transparency. There’s no secret about it. The baby mama lives in Cape Town and my other girlfriend lives in Durban," he told the publication.

“Unfortunately I can’t reveal their names but I’ve been dating them since 2019 and I introduced them to each other. There’s no fight between the two of them because I was honest with them from the beginning."

“I made them understand the bigger picture. I have good intentions for them but I need to be financially stable before I do the right thing,” said Mpumelelo.

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