Zola Nombona is body goals

Ok, so we've mentioned a few celebrity body goals on ZAlebs but if we had a bikini countdown article, Zola Nombona would definitely make it to the top 2 position.

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:45 PM  | Zola Nombona 

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Nothing motivates us to drop that burger, grab a carrot and hit the gym running like Zola Nombona's body.

Unlike Instagram models who sell us dreams by mentioning that all we need in life are flat tummy tea potions to achieve our Summer body goals, Zola actually keeps it real with us and shows that in order to get that amazing body you need to really sweat it out in the gym. 

Zola's gym photos are all kinds of inspiration, you can't help but marvel at how amazing she's been looking these days.

Zola nombana

Is that a six pack we're seeing?

zola nombani

And when you go as hard as Zola does in the gym, it's only right you show off some flesh when you're out and about. A long shirt and some sneakers should do the trick. What's the point of toning that body when you can't even show it off? Go one with your bad self girl!.


Respect to Zola.

Zola Nombona

Main Image: Instagram/znombona

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