Big Brother Mzansi's Shower Hour Breaks The Internet

Viewers can't get enough of it

By  | Jan 27, 2022, 11:17 AM 

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Big Brother Mzansi has kicked off the new season with a bang and it is by far the most popular reality show in South Africa. The third season of the 24 hour reality show which premiered last Sunday, and it continues to leave viewers on edge of their collective seats.

In just less than 5 days since it premiered, Mzansi has already seen naked scenes of housemates, and they can't get enough of them. The show recently hosted a shower hour, during which all the housemates, both male and female, took a shower together in one big shower room and Mzansi could see their nudes.

Though some viewers were thrilled to see the housemates in their birthday suites, others criticized the show for allowing such content to be broadcast live.
The show has been trending number on Twitter since it premiered and it hasn't stopped. Housemate's conversation and the games they play have been leaving viewers entertained.

DJ and media personality Thuli Phongolo was not impressed when the contestants gossiped about her recently. While they didn't really name-drop, she caught the sub. By saying she adds no value to the entertainment industry, the housemates opened a can of worms for themselves. Thuli reacted to their sub and said they are too forward.

In just 3 days Big Brother saw QV, real name Keamogwetse Motlhale, leaving the house unexpectedly. Shirley Adonisi Director of Local Entertainment Channels confirmed that Keamogetswe had taken the decision to leave the Big Brother house due to personal reasons.

QV has bid farewell to her fellow housemates and has also expressed her gratitude to the production team for the opportunity to be in the House. A psychologist is working with her to ensure a smooth transition back into the outside world and guide her through her journey going foward. β€œ. We wish her all the best on her journey and she has our full support.”
Taking to her social media page, QV shared that what had become a childhood dream of hers, quickly turned into a mentally challenging competition, which forced her to choose her health.

"I'm sure everyone noticed that I have been a little bit closed off...I've come to realise that I'm clearly struggling from something and as much as I would like to throw it behind and focus solely on knowing each and everyone of you, it's not only affecting me mentally, I'm feeling it physically. So I will be leaving the game.

β€œI’m grateful for the opportunity which has always been my childhood dream and for that, I’ll never take the moments for granted. One thing you guys should take away from this is that, healing takes time,” she shared.

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