Thuli P Shocked After Big Brother Housemates Drag Her

They said she is irrelevant in the industry

By  | Jan 24, 2022, 04:43 PM  | Thuli Phongolo  | Drama

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Big Brother Mzansi is back with a bang and already Mzansi has pin pointed their favourite housemate. One person who is not entirely impressed though is Thuli Phongolo who became a topic of discussion amongst the housemates, and they did not make pleasant remarks about her.

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It's only day 1 but the housemates have already gotten too comfortable bashing Thuli Phongolo and her craft. The housemates were speaking amongst themselves saying Thuli does not bring anything to the industry, basically saying she is boring and talentless.

This not something you would want to hear when tuning in to watch Mzansi's biggest reality show at the moment right Thuli P?

She took to social media to mention how the housemates are very forward by saying all those things they said on the very first day in the Big Brother house.

Tweeps laughed at this and agreed that they are moving very fast and should they continue to talk bad about other personalities, it might not end too well on their side.

To say Thuli Phongolo does not add anything to the industry might be going a little too overboard because the star is a talented actress and she also DJ's. She has gigs all over Mzansi week in - week out.

Even Phil Mphela said the actress is gifted.

Thuli was part of one of the biggest series in the country at the moment but had to exit because she is too booked and busy. Thuli played Lerato on Showmax's The Wife, but her character had to end abruptly and it was a mutual agreement.

When news broke, people speculated and said it's because of her diva tendencies however she rubbished those claims.

“Concerning the allegations that have been made in the media relating to Thuli’s professionalism and work commitment, we [Thuli's team via statement] vehemently would like to refute them as baseless and devoid of substance.

“It is imperative to note Thuli and the producers of the show reached a mutual agreement to end her role on ’The Wife’ pursuant to them agreeing that the production schedules for continued filming were unsuitable for all parties involved. Her portrayal of Lerato and working with the cast has brought her immense joy and has made an indelible contribution to her growth and career as an actor.”

Thuli had nothing negative to say about The Wife and it's cast and crew members, “Happy to be a part of the phenomenon that’s Hlomu: The Wife, enjoying the cast so much! An original, a love story with a twist,”  she added. “The support we give each other on ‘Hlomu’ is heartwarming! Thoroughly enjoying working with these formidable actors! My goodness.”

As part of her growth as well as her growth in the industry, Thuli decided that it is time she shaved her head bald. She said this year is very personal to her and she had to take some long overdue decisions, which she admitted was draining.

"Making tough overdue decisions is nerve racking!" she exclaimed. Thuli then posted a short prayer and asked, "Lord I wanna be a part of the goodness you’ve created, please guide and guard me."

She is yet to post her bald head though.
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