Top Bishop Asks For Sexual Favours?

Here's what he has to say

By  | May 11, 2021, 04:18 PM 

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Just when people thought they have found the culprit from Moja Love who has been accused of asking for sexual advances from hopefuls, the suspect has denied everything. Revered Bishop Israel Makamu, has been accused of asking for sexual favours from a woman during a telephonic conversation.

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Speaking to Daily Sun, the Bishop rubbished these claims saying he was speaking to an employee and the conversation was not sexual at all. In a voice clip, the Rea Tsotsella host can apparently be heard telling the woman he is coming to fetch her after dropping of a person he was transporting.

What made the call mysterious was the fact that he asked the woman if she was alone, to which she agrees that she is. The man of God then wants to know whether anybody would see him enter the premises. Then as the call progresses, he asks her if she will give him? A question the woman repeatedly replies with "NO."

Eventually, after what seems like repetitive begging, the woman on the other end of the call tells him she will (give him whatever it is they were talking about) on Sunday.

When contacted by the paper, Bishop refuted claims of asking for any sexual favours and told them he only wanted his office keys. The lady on the phone was just one of his employees, who was working a longer shift. The call took place in 2018 and Bishop said people manipulated the call to make it seem as though it was anything sinister.

He then tells the publication that they were only fooling around and he understands the concerns arising because of that clip. Towards the end the Bishop tells the woman she is boring and then laughs.

“I understand that it sounds wrong, but I was just being playful. It kind of went too far, but I’d never ask for sex from any of my employees or congregation,” he said.

“I’d never do such a despicable thing. I love my wife and would never embarrass her by doing what I’m being accused of,” the Bishop says, who then adds his image is being tainted by such vile claims.

Back in February, a woman exposed the 100% black owned television channel, and its employees, for allegedly asking people who attend auditions to sleep with them.

A Twitter user by the name of Aviwe Brandon shared screenshots from a conversation between his friend and an employee, where the employee is asking the woman to sleep with her. The friend was going to audition for a presenter gig.

In the screenshots the conversation goes as follows: “...Risk as in like - there was a job opportunity and you had two options: It's either you have to bribe or sleep with the boss for it. Which one would you go for? That's how the industry works but as long as it's our secret.”

In response, Moja Love said, "We are in the process of identifying and taking action against this person who is a scammer and does not work for the channel."

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