Concerns Over Moja Love's New Show

"Umakhwapheni is set to destroy marriages"

By  | Jan 25, 2021, 10:23 AM  | Drama

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Moja Love is known for producing controversial content and they have done it again. After releasing the trailer for their new show called Umakhwapheni, many were livid saying they are once again on a journey to destroy relationships.

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Umakhwapheni is an Isizulu term for undercover lover, or in the female aspect it would be called 'mistress.' This new show is somewhat similar to the popular Uyajola 9/9, which is a spin-off of the American reality show Cheaters. If the trailer is anything to go by, the new show is about side chicks - and males, because men can also be side lovers - who are tired of being kept a secret.

In the enactment, a woman fights with her lover for keeping her a secret for 5 years. The man defends himself by saying he is going through a divorce so he will make their relationship public after the divorce is settled.

The host of the show, comedian Mashabela Galane then comes in and advises lovers who are in similar situations to hit them up so they can fix their relationship. The aim is to allow these side lovers to confront their partners and fight to get introduced to their wives and husbands.

Reacting to the new show, a follower slammed the channel for promoting negative content and portraying black people in a negative way, "So you pursue to destroy marriages? I (am) starting to believe that Moja love has no good intentions, the best interest of South Africans is not their concern. Shame on u, u bring someone who agreed without being forced to be Umakhwapeni to destroy what God has ordained."

Another wrote, "This is will destroy people's lives. Some might even claim to be "omakhwapheni" just to destroy peoples marriages/courtships." Agreeing to tweep, another person said, "This is rubbish, like what are they hoping to achieve?"

This uproar is nothing new to Moja Love and they will possibly get slammed with plenty of complaints coming from viewers directed at the Broadcasting Complaints Commission of SA (BCCSA) again. Uyajola 9/9 got dragged for being too violent and promoting strong language.

To take things further some even took it too far by creating a petition for it to be cancelled, which received approximately 900 signatures. 

Popular poet Ntsiki Mazwai even relayed a few words to Moja Love for promoting negative content. The musician accused the channel of encouraging 'domestic violence.' This comes from the former talk show host so you can imagine how negative the content has to be.

"Here we are with our black-owned TV channel and all we can do with it is promote domestic violence ... We have failed ourselves. Women are dying daily in South Africa but here we are giving a platform to celebrate gender-based violence ... Wow, I don't understand the maths. I expected excellence from a black-owned network ... I guess I was wrong," she tweeted.

"You get given an entire channel and in 3years you have produced NOTHING of value???? Wow. Time to introspect hey." She then added, "Sad that I need to explain to you that we don't want to live in a society where violent men are rewarded with a platform for their violence."

Watch the trailer below:

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