AKA And Cassper At Each Other's Throats Again

Is the match finally happening?

By  | Mar 20, 2022, 03:03 PM  | AKA  | Drama

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Hip-hop superstars Cassper Nyovest and AKA are at it again. The rappers got in a heated exchange on Twitter today, and it seems like this time around, the highly anticipated boxing match between the pair will finally happen.
In a series of tweets, Cassper Nyovest made it clear that he wants to fight the Supa Mega. He said he is tired of the back and forths. "I didn't wanna fight you cause I felt sorry for you. Seems like you're the same piece of shit and nna I'm bored of the back and forths with you. Do you want to get in the ring or not? Give me a date. You wouldn't get past the first round. When do you wanna do it .@Akaworldwide ?" he tweeted.

He added, "You wanna be a hooligan all your life brother? We grown now!!! The back and forths are boring. Let's get a date. I would even fight you right after I drop Naak at Sun City, you can jump in right there and get a free ass whopping. @Akaworldwide Let's go !!! Stop talking!! Act!!!"

Responding to Cassper, AKA reminded him why he previously canceled the match. He retweeted an article where Cassper was quoted stating that his father urged him to cancel the match.
Fans have since reacted and here are a few reactions from Twitter.
A few days ago, AKA released a statement announcing that he has won the long legal battle for his television show, The Braai Show. "This Morning, justice was finally served. I received confirmation of what I have always said; That I own the Braai Show.

"This matter for me has always been about business principles and asserting my right to my intellectual property. It's about the injustices that continue to befall us in the creative industry and the violation of our trust by those we work with, who continue to exploit us," he said in a statement.

Cassper on the other hand received hefty backlash after AKA broke the news. Fans mocked him on Twitter saying he has been working for his biggest rival all along. Read More: Fans Come For Cassper After AKA’s Big Win

Responding to the backlash, Cassper said hosting the Braai Show helped him market his business while also getting paid for it. "No story to tell. I was offered a job, I got paid what I wanted, including getting a promotion for my shoes and alcohol which I'm making Multi Millions from and the story ends there. Even if the broer did cartwheels naked on Mandela bridge, there's nothing that's gonna happen. Lol," he said responding to a fan.
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