Babes Gets Dragged Into Kamo's Moment To Shine!

"Kamo is living the life Babes was meant to live"

By  | Sep 06, 2021, 01:29 PM  | Babes Wodumo  | Drama

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Amapiano star Kamo Mphela broke the internet with her fire performance at the United Kingdom recently. Cassper was not lying when he said Kamo is probably the hottest act in the continent right now.

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Social media has developed this culture of making comparisons which often get nasty. The latest victim of this is Babes Wodumo who got dragged into Kamo Mphela's moment to shine. We cannot ignore the comparisons between the two though as they both have killer dance moves and obviously look the part.

After the clip of Kamo Mphela performing her hit single Nkulunkulu in London, UK, the timeline was set ablaze. She joined her industry mates Focalistic and Majour League DJs in taking Piano to the world. Local artists could not keep their mouths closed as they sang her praises. But soon after, Babes Wodumo overtook her number 1 spot and the insults started flying.

Watch the clip below:

Babes and Kamo are running their own race. Babes being the Gqom superstar who took the genre to a whole different level. She inspired many international acts who have adopted the Gqom sound and she even featured on an international album curated by Kendrick Lamar called Black Panther The Album.

Kamo Mphela started off as a dancer, who broke the internet with her killer moves. Then she decided to lay her voice on a few hot tracks and her career took off from there. But she did mention how she got blindsided when she featured on Jobe but was never paid a cent for her feature.

Social media users feel as though Babes could be where Kamo Mphela is today if she hadn't gotten married and settled down, especially with a man who openly admitted to abusing her physically and emotionally. Some even alleged that Babes fell into the life of drugs, but of course those are just hearsay.

Here are some of the reactions.

Cassper also realised Kamo's star power way before. He told Banques and Venom that international stars are drooling over Kamo Mphela as one of them follows her on Instagram.

"I was even talking to Kamo Mphela the other day I said 'You sleeping on yourself, do you know who you are?' I'm like 'Do you know that Drake and Tory Lanez talk to each other and say "I wanna f*** this girl?" Like I'm telling you.' Right now the American rappers are probably looking at Kamo Mphela and are like 'yooohh," said Cassper.

He wanted to show her how big she is and that she should not sleep on herself because the world is watching.

Kamo had to recently address pregnancy rumours and shut down the trolls who said she was pregnant. “Guys, I am not pregnant. Everybody is like, 'is Kamo pregnant?' I’m not mother f***ing pregnant," she shouted. "What the f***! I actually want to scream... guys no, I just gained weight,” she clarified adding that it is the money that is making her gain weight.

Tweeps better watch what they say about Babes because Facebookers are facing lawyer letters for some of the harsh things they have said about Babes. She is not playing when it comes to her son and her marriage. This after trolls said her son's father is Makoya Bearings, AKA DJ Tira.

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