Watch: Dineo Ranaka And Baby Daddy's Intense Conversation

Everything was laid on the table

By  | Apr 07, 2022, 09:16 AM  | Dineo Ranaka  | Drama

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Dineo Ranaka's podcast is finally available on YouTube. Her first guest is her ex and father of her first child Lesego, popularly known as Blacklez.

During the iconic sit-down, the couple spoke about their failed relationship and what constituted it.

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"I'm not the best mom. How many guys have I exposed my kids to? Do you think that's great parenting hygiene? I don't think so," said a regretful Dineo.

Being empathetic to Dineo's feelings, Blacklez felt she could've handled their break-up better.

I understand that you also go through your attacks. All I was saying was during all of that, I came off as somebody looking worse for someone who was trying to kick start a career.

Opening up about its aftermath for the first time, he says it kept food out of his mouth.

My career was on the back foot from the get-go because I was this clout-chasing dude who wanted to screw his way into the game. When we split it kinds-sorta seemed like you were fueling that narrative.

Now I branch off on my own and I become that guy that used to date Dineo for the next two years.
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Two weeks ago Podcast And Chill was in Polokwane for a brunch featuring the Dineo Ranaka. 
During the interview, Dineo opened up about her short marriage.
“The third baby daddy chose me and then I eventually chose him after I didn’t want to choose him and then we became such good friends. We enjoyed each other’s company, and we became good friends,” shared Dineo.
In the tell-all interview, Dineo exposed her ex because he was abusive.
“If that guy didn’t hit me in my marriage, then we would still be on good terms. I had my three-month-old baby in my arms the last time he hit me and I was like no, this is not how it’s going to go down. Not me who doesn’t submit to bull….
“He was like I always say that in interviews because I’m trying to prove to people and I was like no, I actually don’t say those things in interviews because I’m trying to prove to people that I’m a unique type of woman. Really, I don’t submit to bull, and hitting me is bull and I’m not going to submit and we got divorced. I’m not even lying about it.
Dineo also revealed that he was narcissistic and abusive. 
“They try and threaten you to silence you. If anyone is in an abusive relationship don’t take those threats to heart. Speak about your pain, speak about your experience, talk about it, and make the abuser smaller and smaller and smaller in the capacity of how they think they are a big monster. Abusive people tend to threaten you and they have a tendency to want you to shut up about your story,” she warns about abusive men.
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