It's 3am And Lamiez Misses Riding

She barely has time for the things she loves

By  | Dec 21, 2021, 02:31 PM  | DJ Lamiez Holworthy  | Drama

Image of Lamiez Holworthy
Dj Lamiez Holworthy recently shocked her social media followers when she shared, at 3am, that she missed riding. 

Tweeps immediately interpreted the tweet as some dirty innuendo, pouring into her comments to question what she means by it. But it turned out that she was talking about her motorbike, which she says has been sitting in her garage for a long time without being used. 
The misunderstanding was hilarious as tweeps were shocked that she would admit to such a thing on social media. They told her that she should have led with the word β€œbike”, because she had their minds going to very inappropriate places. Others offered different β€œriding” suggestions to her, which had us cackling. Have a look. 
Even so, some took her complaint to heart and actually offered her helpful suggestions. They empathized with the fact that she does not get any time to do the things she loves any more, and advised her to find a way to make time for them before her soul burns out. 

Lamiez and her husband Khuli Chana have one of the most beautiful relationships in ZAlebville. The two often celebrate each other publicly, leaving all of us crying β€œgoals”. Seriously, find you someone who loves you as loudly and proudly as Khuli and Lamiez love each other. 

Khuli recently went on social media with an emotional tribute to his wife. He thanked her for keeping him grounded, and said that her love made him stronger than ever. Looking back at the mess of a year that was 2021, Khuli acknowledged that he would not have made it through the dark times without Lamiez, and he was super grateful that she is his wife and the mother of their child. 

Naturally, Lamiez’s response was a tearjerker too, as she commented on his post saying β€œTill the wheels fall of Wame.” 
It is not just work and no play for Lamiez, hard as we know she works. Although she is always working – she even worked from her home studio when she was ill – she also spares some money to buy herself expensive toys to celebrate her hard work. 

She recently broke the internet when she bought herself a new set of wheels. She shared a sweet video of herself at the Mercedes Benz dealership as she was buying a black luxurious quantum. 

Her friends and family were present at the momentous occasion, including her husband and her mother. She also got emotional remembering that her father could not be there with her, but took heart in knowing he was watching from above, proud of her. 
Dj Lamiez is an inspiration to many. Her generous spirit and impeccable work ethic are just two of the reasons we love her, and we really hope she will be able to take a break soon so she can refuel her soul. 

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