Maphorisa Gets A Taste Of His Own Medicine

”I will embarrass you in front of your girl mxm”

By  | Jun 10, 2021, 11:41 AM  | DJ Maphorisa  | Drama

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DJ Maphorisa was left fuming on Sunday after a resident DJ tried to cut his performance short at his gig. The DJ took his frustrations out on Twitter and slammed the unnamed DJ who tried to ambush his performance.

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A furious Maphorisa added on his tweet that it is not a competition and that they all play at clubs. “Some resident DJs have f**ked up mentality, I swear, thinking its competition. I will tell you when I'm done DJing, don't come with your laptop acting fresh, I will embarrass [you] in front of your girl mxm,” he wrote.

Maphorisa did not mention any names neither did he mention where he was playing when the incident happened. On his IG posts he posted that his gig would be at Propaganda nightclub which is in Pretoria.

Some comments suggest that Madumane deserved it because he is selfish when it comes to the decks. Apparently, Maphorisa plays way beyond his scheduled time leaving the other DJ's pressed for time.

A followers asked him to stop hogging the decks, "Lol.. but this is crazy, if you go beyond the time we contractually agreed on and I'm not happy about it, I will call security. Why should you hog the tables the whole night when you are not the only person I've paid to render service?" Phori gave a very cocky response.

Others commented:

"Aren't DJ's allocated playing time though? You can't just want to play until you feel satisfied nawe, aingawe lento Phori. Other kids want their time to shine too."

"Eish mara Phori ko Europa you played an hour and 50 minutes mara you were supposed to play for an hour, you didn't give our favorites a chance. A re na problem lwena mara stick to the time allocated. Speaking on behalf of everyone who stays in Sunnyside."

"These days you too conceited @DjMaphorisa aaahh this kind of attitude will lessen the respect we have for you. You are LORD PHORI respected DJ in SA and abroad pls don't ruin that."

"Newton's third law states that you disrespect someone they disrespect you too. If only you directly proportional respected their time sloth they would have inversely not came acting fresh."

A few days ago, Phori got dragged for being very cocky. What's new there? He posted pictures of him wearing expensive clothes and Dior boots. His followers slammed him for not supporting local designers and he clapped back hard.

"When are you wearing @DRIPFootWear or @bathu_sa? You not different to locals that don't listen to local music busy acting like ambassadors who don't even consider us as a market," the tweep said.

Phori pulled a Somizi on the person and said their pockets are not the same. "Your pockets and my pockets are not the same. Also its a choice I wear designer clothes clearly you should know me by now Fu***n Relax."
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