DJ Zinhle Gets Dragged Into AKA's Drama

Eish, can Zinhle rest

By  | Feb 25, 2022, 11:18 AM  | DJ Zinhle  | Drama

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AKA's message to men and women regarding mental health following his friend Riky Rick's death, did not land the way he had anticipated. in the heartfelt message, he pointed out men's mental health and encouraged men to reset and go back to family values, as well as attending church. But, although his message had good intentions, social media users brought up his past indiscretions which involve the mother of his child, DJ Zinhle.

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Riky Rick's death caused people to speak more about depression and how cyber bullying can have a direct impact in people's mental health. The people condoning bullying do not exactly have a clean record of not being bullies themselves.

Take a look at Anele Mdoda for instance, she told people to carry on as they were because tweeps bullied Patrick Shai and also Riky Rick. But she got reminded of how she too bullied Kelly Rowland by saying she is not attractive and refused to apologise for that.

Then you have Pearl Thusi who also got reminded that she indirectly bullied Bonang after her ex-boyfriend and alleged abuser called her Hlanyo for speaking out. Pearl jokingly told Euphonik that she too is hlanyo and became a 'pick-me'.

Now, AKA is catching smoke for his past and that includes alleging that Bonang used dark magic to win him over from DJ Zinhle. Also the Anele Tembe saga where he was photographed breaking down a door to get to her and all the drama that happened which eventually lead to her untimely death.

Tweeps are not letting AKA forget about his past that easily:

In his message, AKA who is obviously distraught, said he lost 5 people through suicide and all four of them were men. The 1 obviously being Anele his late fiancé.

He then pointed out how broken men are in this society and hos change is imminent.

"I hope that very soon we can address the issue of how damaged and broken the men in this country are. We have no one to talk to, we just pat each other on the back and say, “get on with it, be strong my boi” … but in reality, we are traumatised.

"Generational trauma passed down to us. Ladies, we are not perfect by any means … but damn, we are crying out for your approval, your love and affection. Please, can we RESET and go back to FAMILY VALUES?!. Can we (myself included) start going to Church Again. Please, can we start some sort of dialogue about MEN in this country because it’s our duty to protect you, to provide and care for you."

He then called for change because men are taking their own lives now more than ever, "We cannot make this thing work without each other. We are crying out for your help. This is so traumatic. Please, let’s not forget about us. We not perfect by any means but damn …. Look at the stats, we are taking our own lives at record highs. Something has to change."

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