MacG On His Bromance With Sol

"'s the dance between the two of us."

By  | Apr 21, 2022, 10:50 AM  | Sol Phenduka  | Relationships

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The number one controversial podcaster in the country MacG of Podcast and Chill is rarely ever on the interviewee's end of the mic. He got candid in his latest interview with fellow podcaster David Mashabela of King David Studios podcast. The former YFM and 947 radio presenter opened up about his personal life - a rarity for MacG - his court drama against Amanda Du Pont, the success recipe behind Podcast and Chill among many other topics. He also dived into his famous bromance with Podcast and Chill Co-host Sol Phenduka and here’s a rundown of good moments these two have shared.
MacG and his colleague Sol have an undeniable synergy and connection that ensures the seamless chaos that is their successful podcast Podcast and Chill which is the number one charting Podcast in the country garnering thousands of streams on podcast streaming platforms and averaging above 600K YouTube views on each episode release. The star shared how this friendship and brotherhood formed,  the importance of hiring him to join his team, and playing his role perfectly on the show.

The Sol conversation began towards the end of the interview when David shared his admiration for Sol, dubbing him “special” before asking MacG about Sol’s involvement in the podcast and how it came about.

MacG spoke really highly of Sol, and with an undeniable mood liftedness and fondness. Sol and the podcast star met a few years back as colleagues at YFM where MacG had a show, and with Sol co-hosting the breakfast show alongside Moflava and Khutso Theledi. “Me and Sol worked together at YFM, but we were never friends though, we were cordial,” said Mac G. He told David that he started following Sol on Social Media then, and would often catch up with him through his posts that are “true but also very funny,” until a few years later when he needed a new co-host for his podcast.
MacGyver Mukwevho, popular as MacG said that he had YFM’s Tshepi Mabs at the top of his mind for a co-host replacement. “I think she’s cool. I love her… I love her energy” said Mac G. However, he remembered the quick wit and humor of Phenduka and decided to invite him over to the podcast, first as a celebrity guest. He added that “People also hadn’t heard from him in a while, so I was like, come through and do an interview.” Their synergy was organic and formed from that episode recording withhold over 350K views on YouTube and MacG says it was all formed instantaneously, “the dance between the two of us… people see it but they don't understand it. It's a dance, we all know our roles.” He continued mentioning that Sol understood the “madness method” of their show and easily got along with him and the team.
He additionally mentioned Sol as a person that brings lightheartedness and comfort to the room, “Sol is those type of guys when you’re having a bad day, you talk to and then you feel a lot better.” He says the show is a big success hugely because of Sol. Furthermore, he commended Sol for playing his part well in the team and not overcrossing his boundaries. “He doesn’t want to be a lead, he understands his role… and he never interferes in my celebrity interviews unless I pull him through.”
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