Inno Morolong Allegedly Beats Socialite To A Pulp

Man, this is brutal!

By  | Jan 14, 2022, 12:02 PM  | Drama

Image of Inno Morolong
Socialite and club host Inno Morolong is controversial for many reasons. She has been at the centre of a lot of drama in the past, most of which she started. But this time she has allegedly gone too far.
As Surge Zirc reports, the socialite got physical and attacked one of her girls. According to the report, Inno and her girls were leaving a club. She was the ringleader and all the girls were meant to follow her. 

But one of the ladies whose name is yet to be revealed disobeyed her orders and went her own way. This angered Inno, who allegedly attacked her brutally and beat her up.
The entertainment news site also went on to post photos of the incident as shared by the lady. The pictures are very graphic so if you can't look at them we will advise you to stop scrolling now. 

Image credit: SurgeZirc

Image credit: SurgeZirc

Image credit: SurgeZirc

The report further states that the woman has reported the incident and filed a case against Inno at Sandton Police Station.

The lady seems to be part of a "cohort" that joined Inno's "ring". You might remember that the socialite recently put out an ad to find young beautiful girls who would party with her. 

At the time the ad sparked a lot of controversy and Inno was accused of running a prostitution ring. Since that was not the first time she's been accused of running the ring she tried to submit the implications by saying that the girls had to have clean habits. 
But her attempt obviously did not work out because the announcement itself sounded super dodgy. In fact entertainment commentator Phil Mphela went on to warn ladies against being attracted by free alcohol in December. I mean everybody knows you don't just accept free booze from strangers, even if they promise to give you a good time and that is exactly why Inno was suspected of being sketchy. 
This will not be Inno's first brush with the law. In 2021 she and Gigi Lamayne had a very public spat, in which she accused Gigi of trying to steal her man. She called her many names and accused her of unsavoury things. 

In response Gigi filed a case against her to sue for defamation. But she backed down and apologised and the two reconciled almost immediately leaving Mzansi wondering whether it was all for clout. 
The socialite seems to have some anger issues and may need to figure out a way to work on them soon before she lands in more trouble. While she has had some public stunts in the past, this time she has gone too far. Physical assault is where the line is drawn. 
We will be awaiting further reports on the progress of the case, but in the meantime, we hope the lady heals well from the incident, not just physically, but emotionally and psychologically as well. As for Inno, we hope she gets what's coming to her. 

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