Inno Morolong Sparks Controversy

She wants to party with pretty but broke girls

By  | Dec 09, 2021, 08:21 AM  | Drama

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If you're a broke but very attractive, young woman who has clean habits, then Inno Morolong wants to party with you. Sounds very dodgy right? that's because it probably is. The socialite trended after she posted this unsettling announcement on Instagram with people bring up the past rumours and allegations levelled against her.

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Inno Morolong took to IG and shared that she is looking for girls to spend their December with her but they have to be young and extremely beautiful - not to forget clean!

"It's December...ladies if you look good but you stressed about money for drinks, don't worry I got you. If you are beautiful and clean then you can definitely party with me at my events nd drinks for free. Just DM me with your pictures. If I reply to you then you can come to my table," requested Inno.
Inno's IG post image credit: Twitter
Inno's IG post Image credit: Twitter

Social media users found this request very unsettling and so they dragged her with others alleging that she is a pimp. These rumours made rounds a few years ago and she sparked them once more with this post.

Phil Mphela someone who is very vocal about social issues told women to be careful.

Here's how people reacted to this:
Inno has been on the news for all the wrong reasons for the past few days when she bullied Gigi Lamayne till the rapper cried on IG live.

She slammed Gigi for following her man Fermi Large on Instagram.

“I've never met this girl but she's after every man I date. Wtf do you want from me? I even blocked you but you are busy going after me with your struggling rap career. Why you after my boyfriend? You want our drama to start again? "I will finish you, gogo," she ranted.

“Gigi if you want a boxing match I will give you one. Just because you are a sangoma, doesn't mean everyone is scared of you. Nna ketlao betsa o nyele s**be. I'm still waiting for you to reply ... wtf you following my man {for} you hungry a*s h**e. My man doesn't even follow you but wena o busy moghel. I thought you were busy with leftovers.”

“I used to have braces, and you decided to get them now. LOL what a joke, your lower teeth need veneers, or you can’t afford them? Now there’s levels, your braces look childish and dirty.”

After threatening to sue Inno, Gigi backtracked on her decision to do so and they went on IG live to show they have reconciled. But it was not a matter of hours when Gigi claimed to have been threatened with private videos so she can go on that IG Live with Inno.

She apologised to her fans and told them she will continue with the lawsuit. "I’m going to have to continue with a case with additional charges. I know better now and I'm sorry."

She then made a song about bullying and told TshisaLive that she wants to spread awareness more than anything. 

“As much as the suspect in question I forgave, I'm still taking legal action against her, a case has already been opened at the Midrand police station, my lawyers are now in talks with her, and she is kind of dodging us right now but eventually you can't run away from the law forever.”

“I was blackmailed to go to that popcorn room live thing, but I also thought to myself, let me go to see where she lives, so I can tell the police when the time comes. So now people think I'm a clown, but look now with her dodging us at least we know where one of her people live. It was a sacrifice for the case,” she told the publication.

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