Isidingo distances itself from racist remarks

Talent agency owner finds herself in hot water

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:44 PM  | Drama

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Isidingo released a statement distancing themselves from associating with one Mary Ann Bernadotte Miller the owner of Talent Agencies, after Miller was accused of making racial slurs towards actress - Gugu Xofa in a WhatsApp group.

In their statement, Isidingo said Marry Ann Bernadotte Miller has never provided them with extra actors for the soapie and it distances itself from the racial slurs made by Miller.

In numerous voice notes republished by Sowetan, it is said that Miller can be heard belittling Xofa and saying that she was not responsible for what happened to Xofa's forefathers.

“Fit in or f**k off – those are my very good words … I am only willing to help people that are rational and straight in their mind. Don’t come with history and all this sh*t, it’s not my problem. If it’s your problem, go and take a freaking Aids test or something. Other than that, stick by my back and you’ll get work. Other than that, not … bye bye," she says in the voice notes.

According to The Citizen, Miller released a statement apologizing and insisting that she is not a racist and that she has friends of all nationalities.

“For years I’ve prided myself in being truly non-racial and have strived to work, socialise and integrate with friends of all nationalities, colours, and languages. Unfortunately, I have to accept that, listening to myself, I can accept I still have bias and have much work to do to address my deeper psychological issues. However, I am not a racist,” she said in the statement.

The statement made by Isidingo was received with mixed feelings by some fans who demanded that Isidingo explain themselves. 


Last year Isidingo tackled racism in their storyline when they aired some episodes which showed Motlatsi Mafatshe who plays the character of Sechaba Moloi-Matabane becoming a victim of racism.

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