Kamo Mphela In Trouble Over Her Latest Video

She is getting brutally fat-shamed

By  | Jan 18, 2022, 04:01 PM  | Kamo Mphela  | Drama

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Kamo Mphela is the latest celebrity to see just how fickle the adoration of fans can be. About a year ago, she and Uncle Vinny were the hottest dance sensations, as they were hailed as innovative, but now she is getting dragged all over social media. 

The dancer recently went online to share a video of herself participating in the viral #TriggerDanceChallenge. The dance which has garnered a lot of attention throughout Mzansi, is by design simple enough for even non-dancers to pull off. Kamo added her personal touch to the challenge, switching up the dance moves.
But according to social media users, that was her first mistake. They thought that there was no need for her to do the most like she did, as the dance is already pretty straightforward and well-liked as it is. They also think that she unnecessarily complicated the dance, to the point that she made it too hard for herself too, thus she looked awkward doing it. 

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Her second mistake, according to them, is that she has put on weight. She has been dragged because fans think she has gotten too fat, and they are wondering what happened to her.

They have brought up an incident from a few months ago when YouTuber Slik Talk insulted her in a video. He went after everything about her, from her career to her body. 

“You’re an embarrassment to your team, you’re an embarrassment to your craft, you’re an embarrassment to yourself Kamo Mphela. You look like you swallowed a bear, you’re disgusting. You’re an embarrassment.”

“You no longer fit the profile to wear a crop top. Your body no longer qualifies you to wear a crop top. You’re embarrassing yourself showing your love handles and your belly,” he said.

He later came forth to apologise to her. It is unclear why he had a change of heart, but he said that the things he said were immature and out of order. All of Mzansi was shocked because that was the first time Slik Talk had ever apologised to anyone for the things he said about them. 
But following Kamo’s new video, tweeps think they side with Slik Talk's initial video. They think Kamo has definitely put on some weight, and it is not flattering for her body. 
Some have gone a step further to blame Cassper Nyovest for the dancer’s transformation. This is after MacG alleged on Podcast and Chill that the two were having a secret affair, so now tweeps think she may be pregnant for him. 

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Body-shaming is vicious and should never be something people resort to. If Slik Talk, who had no shame, could take back his comments, surely it should be enough indication that it is wrong.

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