Slik Talk Threatens Kamo Mphela

He's coming for blood

By  | Nov 22, 2021, 12:38 PM  | Kamo Mphela  | Drama

Image of Kamo Mphela
Anybody who follows ZAleb news has probably heard of Slik Talk by now. But in case you still haven't, he is a podcaster who has been picking fights with every single celebrity in South Africa. He often takes to his YouTube channel to record videos of himself trashing celebrities, calling them terrible at their craft, and so on.

Well, now he has set his sights on singer and dancer Kamo Mphela. He is triggered after Kamo called him out on his comments about Uncle Waffles, whom he called talentless, and said she was only a pretty face. He also said that if Adiwele stopped being big, her fame would immediately drop off. 
Naturally, many ZAlebs had smoke for him after his comments. It takes a lot of hard work and dedication for a celebrity like Uncle Waffles or Cassper to get to where they are, then here comes this random person to trash it all. Among those who launched an attack were comedian Coconut Kelz and Kamo Mphela. 
Kamo called him a waste of sperm and questioned why his entire existence was centered around trashing women who are clearly doing a lot better than he is.
The singer’s comments rubbed the shrill voiced podcaster the wrong way, and he promised to launch an attack on her. Speaking in a video in which he accepted Cassper Nyovest’s invitation to get in a ring and fight, he finished with “Kamo Mphela I’m gonna deal with you tomorrow”.
Tweeps are excited about both threats of violence: Cassper’s and Kamo’s, which is weird, as one other tweep pointed out.
Either way, Kamo has come out to show that she is not afraid of Slik Talk, and will also be gearing up to listen to whatever he has to say about her. In fact, she made a point to make it clear that she is paying him very little attention, and will be focusing on marketing her upcoming gig. Her response to the bully is very nonchalant, and we love it for her.
For now, we agree with the fan that said it’s weird that grown adults are waiting for a war of words between a successful performer and a hater who probably records videos in his parents’ basement. I mean, while others are developing their craft and making money from it, someone is making a career out of bringing them down, for no reason whatsoever. What? 

Stand your ground, Kamo! What’s the worst he can do? Plus, we are yet to see from his fight with Cass, whether he can put his weight where his mouth is. 

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