King Monada Caught Attacking A Fan

These ZAlebs never learn

By  | Mar 29, 2022, 06:47 PM  | King Monada  | Drama

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King Monada has pulled a Kabza De Small on his fans who attended a recent gig of his. The Idibala hitmaker can be seen frustrated by the fan who pulled his shirt, almost making him fall right into the crowd.

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The video of the newly engaged King Monada raised a lot of eye brows. For some people, it seems as though he is almost sexually harassed as fans tried to grab his private area.

Although what he did might be commendable, looking at the level of entitlement some fans have with their faves, he could have easily mized.

Another star who almost attacked a fan was Kabza De Small. Although we do not know what lead to the almost fight, but judging by the video, the commotion created had something to do with Kabza.

At a gig in Botswana, two people can be seen having a verbal altercation and Kabza was looking at them with a very angry look on his face. Kabza then drops his head phones and rushes to one partygoer almost charging at him.

For Kabza though, this is not the first time he got involved in a brawl.

A forex trader accused Kabza and his team for allegedly attacking his friend. The forex trader by the name of Stylish Keys, alleged that Kabza De Small and his bouncers attacked a friend of his and injured his face. Not only that but he alleges that during the assault they damaged his perfume stock work R7000 each.

He then warned Kabza that he messed with the wrong ones and that he should be careful,  "@Kabelomotha you've messed with the wrong people mfanaka (my boy), you'll get what's coming for you!! You think you're the only one that has money. lets see my boy," he warned.

He also alleged that Kabza damaged perfume stock worth R7000 and a Stacy worth R50 000 as well as their car papers. He then threatened to open a case at the police station, "let's meet tomorrow at the station with a solid docket for you, let's see what your money can do now," he wrote.

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Back to Monada, he has one of the most commendable rags to riches stories in ZAlebville. The singer admittedly endured some hardships in his life but he stuck through the pain and never gave up.

He recently shared some comforting words and thanked himself for not giving up on himself.

"There have been hard days, and there have been some challenges in my life, but I now look back at those days and feel so proud for never giving up on myself," he wrote.

The Ska Mbora Moreki hitmaker shared a throw back picture of him and 2 other gentlemen. Then shared an image of him sipping expensive champagne living large. Talk about reaping the benefits of one's hard work.

We have seen a lot of compulsive behavior amongst celebrities, and before Monada was Will Smith. Agreeing to what Will did, Dineo Ranaka said she too will not hesitate to smack a rude troll if she would be disrespected by them.

"In life there are Will Smith's and there are Chris Rock's, I am Will Smith" she laughs. "People say 'be graceful be the bigger person, be kind.' And yes, 'be careful of the devil because at your highest moment that's when he comes for you.' No, but you guys are high in your moments when you re disrespectful. You are very disrespectful in your high moments.

"So even me in my highest moments, I am going to handle the disrespect, guys I am not Mary, I am not Jesus Christ. I am going to cuss at you, I am going to hit you. You know why? I am not going to depressed because I suppressed my feelings that are supposed to be a response to your disrespect."

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