King Monada Hits Out At Cute Boys

They leave no girls for "dinosaurs"

By  | Nov 16, 2021, 09:18 AM  | King Monada  | Drama

Image of King Monada
King Monada is feeling a little antagonistic, and he is coming for cute boys. He thinks they are the reason that other guys, specifically those who are … well … not as cute, don’t get any girls. But that is not all he has against cute boys. He also had a much more controversial stance on any boys who would be considered “cute”.

In a Tweet on Monday night, the “Ex Yaka” crooner slammed girls who like cute guys. He said that girls only go for cute boys, but it often ends in tears because, as he suggests, cute boys are usually gay.
Perhaps the funniest thing about his stance was that he referred to himself as a dinosaur. It takes a lot of guts to admit that you don’t think you are cute, and so publicly too, and we applaud him for that. But to call himself a dinosaur? That’s just hilarious. We would really like to know why he doesn’t find himself good looking. Which of you ladies messed with his image and self esteem?
Tweeps were quick to hop onto the train of humour. One pointed out that he was getting shocked just imagining a species called Monadasorus, a play on the singer’s name and the ancient naming rules for dinosaurs.
Other fans offered alternatives. That just because he is a “dinosaur” doesn’t mean he can’t or shouldn’t get girls. Apparently, as long as he is a dinosaur with money, he stands a chance. You know, so he can bribe the ladies. If not money, he can at least be a dinosaur with good behaviour, and it will put him in the running against cute boys. 

So chin up King Monada! There’s still hope for you and your fellow “dinosaurs”. 

On the money front, he will not have to worry. This dinosaur is definitely making mad bank. He recently tweeted a photo of a beautiful, humongous mansion of his that is still under construction. The house is so majestic that it got the attention of other public figures like Cassper Nyovest and the latest DJ on the scene, EFF’s Julius Malema

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The mansion was a big but welcome surprise, considering the internet was aflame just a few weeks back with suspicions that his car had been repossessed. After pictures surfaced online of the Limpopo musician’s BMW M4 being carried off and escorted by the police, King Monada took to his Twitter to either join in his own trolling, or to confirm that he was indeed in debt.

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It is still unclear, as his comment left people guessing whether he was joking or telling the truth "Ba txeri koloi 🙄😬🙆‍♂‍ tjo ke boela maotong 🚶‍♂‍ yenngwe etlo re bolayang ke dikoloto 😂🤣", which translates to ""They took the car, I am going back to walking. Another thing that is going to kill us is debts."

Either way, we are glad that whatever financial issues the car had signalled are not serious, as he wouldn’t be able to afford his mansion if they were. We also hope he was only joking when he called himself a dinosaur. Take pride in your looks, king! You have a lot to offer! 
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