King Monada Is Apologetic About Slapping Fan

He slapped a fan mid-performance

By  | Mar 31, 2022, 06:39 PM  | King Monada  | Drama

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King Monada set tongues wagging when a video of him slapping a fan went viral. A visibly angry Monada gave the fan a very heated slap during a performance. Now his reasons for doing this have been revealed by his manager who told TshisaLive that Monada tried to prevent the fan from pulling his pants down.

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According to Monada's manager, Albert Makwela, he was performing at his hometown at the Industrial Shisanyama, Polokwane, in Limpopo.

It turns out the fan was a woman who was trying to pull down his pants, making him feel 'uncomfortable.'

“When it happened for the first time, he managed to move away. Then when he was performing the very same person tried to pull down his pants which was obviously not a good thing to do,” said Makwela who then added that Monada is apologetic.

“He's apologetic about what happened because it is not how he deals with things. He likes playing with his fans but he did not anticipate that one person would focus on pulling down his pants. It's quite immoral for the fan to do that. You could do anything but to hold his private part was too much.”

Monada also some has answering to do after a builder claimed he got paid partly the agreed amount for the work at his mansion. The builder Thabo Maake told Daily Sun that he was contracted to build balustrades on Monada's balcony and also do the stairs which would cost Monada R81 470. However, he ended up allegedly getting paid R29 000. Now, Thabo wants the remaining R52 470.

The work which started on February could not get finished because of the small payment. He was headed to Gauteng to get glasses to finish the work but because he got paid the amount he claims, they then apparently
had a little argument.

He said he found out that someone had already done some work on the balcony when Monada had the house warming, he saw that the work he started was completed by other builders already and was livid.

“The agreement was that he would pay me before I get to Gauteng. I got to Gauteng, but he only paid me R29 000 which was not the amount we agreed on. 

“I tried calling him and texting him to let him know I would not return until he gives me the amount we agreed on,” claims Maake. “They put their glass on my work, which is wrong. I never said I couldn’t or wouldn’t do it. I always do projects and I don’t disappoint. This is my job. I don’t care if other people finished up the work, I want my money.”

“He isn’t answering my lawyer’s calls. The next step we are taking right now is a summons. We are taking this to court because he cannot rob me like this.”

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