Is Makhadzi Trying Too Hard To Fit In?

"She has no idea how much power she possesses"

By  | Dec 07, 2021, 08:30 AM  | Makhadzi  | Drama

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In the wake of Amanda Du Pont’s rape accusations against Uyajola 9/9 host Jub Jub, many celebrities, male and female, came out to offer her their support, and Makhadzi was among them. But now tweeps think Makhadzi tries too hard to fit in with the other celebrities, when they would not show her the same levels of kindness. 

Responding to the viral video by Amanda in which she accused Jub Jub of abusing her physically, psychologically and sexually for years, Makhadzi applauded Amanda for her strength and promised to stand with her. 
Tweeps soon recalled that when the singer had gone on Podcast and Chill with MacG over a year earlier, she shared that she, too, had been sexually abused multiple times in the past and further exploited in the industry. 

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Following the Amanda uproar, fans are wondering where the same outrage was when Makhadzi shared her story. Apparently, when it was Makhadzi, people like Amanda were quiet. 

Mzansi now thinks she tries too hard to fit in with celebrities who will never approve her as one of them. They think she should do her own thing and stop minding those who would never extend the same courtesy to her. 

The singer’s fans are coming out strongly on her side. They think she is way more famous and talented than any of those celebrities who would gatekeep “coolness”. Her humility makes her part of “us”, and her fans will always stand up for her even when her fellow celebrities, who probably don’t even listen to her music, refuse to defend her. 

They have even called Amanda’s supporters “fake feminists” because, apparently, their support only extends to those they consider part of their class and all the rest are left to fend for themselves. 

Perhaps tweeps’ assessment of Makhadzi’s intentions was wrong. She just offered her support, as anyone would want to be done for them, and her kindness is not based on the recipient’s response. Makhadzi is, after all, one of the kindest and most hardworking celebrities, which is part of why she has built up such a fiercely loyal fan base. 

They did, however, raise a valid point on her lack of support. Considering the astronomical response that Amanda’s allegations have attracted, it is odd that there wasn’t the same level of outrage from other celebrities when Makhadzi spoke up. 

Our hearts go out to the African Queen, both for what she went through, and that she had to do it alone. It is sad that there are supposedly “classes” of celebrities, but Makhadzi will always find loyal support in her fans. 

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