Ntsiki Disses Mohale's Bank Balance

She wants Mohale to stop acting rich

By  | Jun 22, 2021, 08:00 AM  | Ntsiki Mazwai  | Drama

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Ntsiki Mazwai has taken aim at Mohale Motaung saying he acts way richer than his pockets. The poet once again had something negative to say about another ZAleb and Mohale is the latest to feel her wrath.

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The poet and sangoma in training is not your average 'troll' and no matter the status a celebrity has, she simply does not care. Now we all know that Ntsiki is not Somizi Mhlongo's biggest fan as she has always overly criticised him. Now, his husband Mohale Motaung-Mhlongo is the one to get trolled by Ntsiki and she takes aim at his pockets.

Taking to her usual platform, Twitter, Ntsiki said Mohale should stop acting rich because he is not. She also attacked his marriage with Somizi Mhlongo saying they probably got married in community of property. She laughed at this because that would mean Mohale gets to enjoy Somaga's riches as they are shared equally.

"Someone must tell the beautiful Mohale that acting rich is not gonna be sustainable," she said with a grimacing face. In another tweet she stated that she does not have a problem with Mohale and that she likes him.

Ntsiki then reiterates that her criticism comes from a good place because she reckons that at the end people are going to be laughing at him. "This tweet is not what your negative energy is reading. This tweet is about sustainability and staying power.... Please grow up," she said.
We do not know what Ntsiki is on about because Mohale is definitely not poor and is doing pretty well for himself. Yes many might argue that he gained all his opportunities of fame because he is married to Somizi Mhlongo, but he used that for the betterment of his career.

He got acting gigs at Rhythm City and Rockville season 5, he also started his own company called Glam Troupe and he is the CEO. His fashion company deals with matric dance makeovers as well as graduation makeovers.
A few months ago, Ntsiki took aim at Somizi and his weaves. Ntsiki has a deep rooted problem with weaves saying those people do not appreciate their Africanism.

Somgaga is known for rocking the most breathtaking weaves and that does not sit well with Ntsiki. Because of her rant, she got labelled a homophobe as she apparently does not like Somizi Mhlongo because he is a homosexual. This according to many tweeps who called her out.

"Don't get me started with Somizi's weaves. It's embarrassing as fuck," she wrote adding that pink weaves to not impress her. "I am impressed by intellect. Not pink weaves," she dissed.

She then clarified that she does not dislike all gay people, she simply does not like one, which is Somizi. "Disliking one gay person does not make you homophobic. Can we stop absolving the LGBTQI community from their f**ky personality traits. Stop hiding being an asshole behind homophobic card. No."
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