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By  | Jul 08, 2021, 08:00 AM  | Pearl Thusi  | Drama

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Pearl Thusi has once again found herself on the wrong side of Twitter after she tweeted what was meant to make it seem her seem like she does not like how ungovernable the government of South Africa is. 

The Queen Sono star said, “Apart from corruption, what else does the South African Government do well? (10 marks)”

A tweep dug up a picture of her in her African National Congress (ANC) t-shirt and said, “Using you to lure voters” 

Attempting to defend herself, Pearl said, “Notice what I did with my arms. That wasn’t an accident. That wasn’t an accident. I really needed that rent money.  Hence I said actively promoting any party. But if I knew then what I know now…regrettably, I also did a DA gig that year.” 

Clearly, the queen of clapbacks did not take this comment to heart because she came back and tweeted that she forgot that picture even existed. Seizing the opportunity to get the person who has been scamming her, Pearl instead sought the assistance of Twitter detectives saying,” I promise to never sell the country. You guys are the best. Since y’all are such great archives and investigators, please help me find a scammer who scammed me a month ago - DM me for details!” 

Pearl however said that next time she will just cross her arms over a t-shirt that says- your vote is your choice!, “Do research and vote for a party that will represent your best interest- even if it means it’s just for the sake of levelling the field in parliament” 

Some tweeps said that Pearl made a mess by wearing that t-shirt because the ANC is now worse, “they use cheap labour from these upcoming influencers for just R100 and they flood the internet with ANC housing projects nonsense”

Pearl was left shook that she had that much influence and power that the ANC would win just because of her, “I didn’t realize the ANC won just because of me for something I didn’t even post? Kanti I have all this power?!? I should start my own political party coz surely if this is all because of me, I can be president #forthosewhodontknowImbeingsarcastic” 

Responding to Pearl’s original tweet, a tweep defended her and said, “Voters are adults who can make their personal choices” 

Pearl agreed with this and said, “This is also what I thought… or maybe ask your parents or people you actually know, if not doing your own research instead of taking whatever people you’ve never met personally about who you believe should have the power to help build your nation.” 

@khala_msunu said, “So they bought you okay”

Pearl responded and said, “I thought I was using them but I guess we all have our own perspectives. But to feed my kids when I was struggling- the only thing I wouldn’t do is sell my body… and I pray to God I’m never tested at that level. I’d rather die than not feed my kids.”

Pearl was then accused of selling her soul to the devil at the expense of her people. The tweep then said Pearl’s family should be careful of her because if she is that desperate for money then she could them out for bread. Pearl said, “Imagine- that time I was feeding them with that money also. They need to stop eating with me so I don’t sell them out” 

We are so proud of Pearl for taking the road less travelled and not clapping back for finding other ways to make sure her family is fed. We love this Pearl. 
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