Chicco Twala In Hot Water Again — For Milking MaBrr's Legendary Status

Everyone wants Bongani to benefit as well

By  | May 12, 2022, 10:21 AM  | Sello "Chicco" Twala  | Drama

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Controversial South African musician and producer Sello “Chicco” Twala has the Twitter streets on a rant yet again today. This time, media industry colleagues and fans are not taking what Chicco’s serving, even if it includes the legendary MaBrr.

It was reported by entertainment commentator,  Phil Mphela yesterday that Chicco Twala was at the helm of the anticipated docu-series about the life of the late South African music legend Brenda Fassie whom he produced for back in the day.

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Chicco is evidently not a fan favourite. He’s recently trended following the premier of Senzo Meyiwa: Murder Of A Soccer Star on Netflix where he also was at the receiving end of fingers pointing toward him alleging that he is involved in the “mafia” that’s behind the murder of the former Bafana Bafana and Orlando Pirates captain. He also got arrested for pointing a toy gun at City Power technicians outside his Johannesburg home a few weeks ago.

He was called out for sidelining Brenda’s only son Bongani Fassie out of the production and making of this docu-series, denying him a part in helping create both his own and mother’s legacy and from benefiting at all from the project.

Media entrepreneur Farah Fortune gave life to this conversation that’s continued to raise everyone’s brows on Twala’s intentions with the project when she tweeted, “Out of pure hate for what Chicco did to Bongz to stop this doccie or for Bongz to benefit from it, I won’t be watching this. Won’t make a difference to anyone but me, I know but it’s the principle.

Chicco and Bongani had a messy public feud back in 2018 at the beginning of planning this biopic about MaBrr, and Bongani claimed that the 58-year-old producer’s intention was to cut him from his own deserved legacy. Chicco rubbished these claims and questioned Bongani’s character eluding to substance abuse and addictions. Chicco told newspapers that Bongani would ask him for large sums of money and he would give him, but he returned for more cause he was on drugs.

However, many other fans and media industry players have previously accused Chicco of giving Brenda Fassie hard drugs that led to her overdose and unforeseen death. Some also reported that the veteran musician had now been doing the same thing with her son Bongani.

One rageful Twitter user wrote, “Chicco fed Brenda Fassie drugs and destroyed her and also took what belongs to Bongani years later he’s bribing us with this documentary or he was never involved in Senzo’s case cause we are not buying anything he’s doing. He must alos make sure Bongani benefits from this.”

Image of Chicco Twala, Credit: Twitter (@philmphela)

Another popular Twitter account shared, “I hope no one will watch that Brenda Fassie doccie that’s coming to Netflix until we know Bongani will get something from it. Chicco can’t forever profit from Brenda’s talent when she has a son, haybo.”

More users continued to share their sentiments about this docu-series, it seems many online users are not willing to support the production mainly because Bongani Fassie is not included in it. Moreover, users claim that Twala has milked enough of Brenda’s talents in the past and can’t continue doing so.

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