Serge The Blesser Retires

and Phat Joe has no filter...

By  | Feb 28, 2021, 08:03 AM  | Serge Cabonge  | Drama

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Popular podcaster, Mac G recently put out his highly-anticipated interview with controversial radio personality Phat Joe and wasted no time in getting into the juicy stuff. Phat Joe did the most by bringing Serge the Blesser for a mini interview as well. 

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The blesser went on to tell Mag G hat he was ready to hang up his blesser gloves. 

“I’m tired of the game. We wanted to entertain the public when we started off, but there comes a time when you feel like you don’t want to continue in the game anymore,” 

“This is because there are certain things that come around, like how people look at you and create negative things on social media without them even knowing how you built yourself.”

He also talked about the Dubai slay queens. 

"We take girls to Dubai to have fun and entertain ourselves."

 Then Phat Joe cuts in and spills on how they are forced to give camels blow jobs, get pooped on either on the face or stomach, forced to have crazy sex and a whole host of other things. 

When asked if he had ever pooped on some one he revealed that he had and it was for entertainment. 

If you are curious about Phat Joe's interview here is a snippet of it.

He first asked Joe if he’s slept with hottie Tebogo Thobejane and here's what he had to say: “My brother, I’m happily married. I’ve only really gotten close with Tebogo in the last year. I remember bumping into her in public places like malls - she and Faith would look at me crazy. I only recently gotten to know them – we have mutual friends.”

Check out some other interesting information we learnt from the sit-down.

His Family
Phat Joe is the older of three siblings. He has a younger brother and a sister. His sister has got a doctorate in medicine, she’s a physiotherapist.

The radio personality revealed that he’s never done drugs. “Nothing, I drink and I stopped drinking 6-7 years ago. Never drugs, people think that I did from the very beginning because I was so hyped on the radio but it was performance.” He said.

Pushy From Jam Alley
“My first girlfriend here was the girl from Jam Alley, Pushy. That was like my first girlfriend in Joburg. I first saw her modelling in a magazine,” he revealed.

New Television Shows
Joe, who presents Cheeky Palate on ShowMax revealed that he has about six new television shows coming out this year.

The Secret To His Success
Seeing that his relevance in the entertainment industry spans over two decades, he was asked about the secret to his longevity and he dropped some jewels. “A lot of people don’t learn, they don’t grow and they don’t study. They stopped studying, they think they’ve arrived and they don’t continue to build networks and connect with people.”

In 2019, Phat Joe and Anele had a big fall out after he made nasty comments about the 94 radio host. He also opened up about it and why he made such hurtful comments. Listen to the full interview here.

Main Picture Credit: Ngwao Media
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