Sizwe Dhlomo Under Fire For Vicious Body Shaming

Tweeps see a double standard as he shamed Slik Talk

By  | Dec 24, 2021, 08:12 AM  | Sizwe Dhlomo  | Drama

Image of Sizwe Dhlomo
Sizwe Dhlomo is one of the most outspoken ZAlebs on Twitter, which we love for him. But it often gets him in trouble, and this time he is under attack for comments he made about Slik Talk. 
Following the legendary boxing match between Cassper Nyovest and Slik Talk, the Kaya 959 radio host went online with his comments, as many others did. As everyone was either congratulating Cass or trolling Slik Talk, Sizwe took the chance to share some advice with his followers. 

He wrote advising young men to take care of their bodies. He said it didn’t make sense for anyone to be looking like Slik Talk in their early twenties, and still think they would stand a chance in a boxing match.

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Social media immediately picked up the tweet with rage, particularly fueled by those who stan the YouTuber. It did not go down well with them that Sizwe would go after his build, even if he doesn’t like him. 

Tweeps have been saying that if he had said the same thing about a woman, it would have ended badly for Siz. They therefore think it is a double standard that he will get away with body shaming because he said it about a man, much more because he is a man that many people dislike. 

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However, some think that Slik Talk is fair game for body shaming. They consider him a bully, so they believe that if he can dish it, he should be able to take it too.

In fact, he viciously body shamed Kamo Mphela, telling her she was beyond the age and point of wearing crop tops. He told her that she looked pregnant, knowing fully well that she wasn’t, then continued to say many other mean things about her body. 
Tweeps think that Slik Talk getting body shamed is payback, and indeed what he deserves. Fans of Kamo Mphela see it as vindication, and they will not let Slik forget what he said, even though he recanted his comments and apologised to Kamo

The media personality is a well known fan of Cassper's, and he never misses an opportunity to hype him up. But this recently got Cass in trouble online when Sizwe’s comments rubbed many the wrong way. 

Sizwe tweeted saying, “If we’re being honest, Cassper adds flavour when he’s featured on a track. He’s been doing this since Ngud’…” His comment section was immediately flooded with tweeps who straight up thought he was lying. 
According to tweeps, Cassper should just stick to doing music on his own because every music video where he has been featured, as Sizwe mentioned, did not need him anyway.
But whatever you think of Cass, we can’t deny that he is a marketing genius. He has created a new entertainment scene from the single boxing match, and now he is being flooded with offers to turn celebrity boxing into a franchise. No wonder Sizwe is such a stan! 

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