“Whoever Leaves Must leave”

He refuses to be a prisoner

By  | Jul 21, 2021, 06:11 PM  | Somizi Mhlongo  | Drama

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Where would we be without Somizi’s inspirational daily videos on Instagram? After enjoying his lunch, Somgaga had an Aha moment and made sure that he shares those jewels with us. Toward the end of the video, he got dribbled by the English language when he tried to pronounce Alienate, however, he came back with the word Ostracize.

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In his video, Somizi spoke about people’s tendency to worry about those who do not matter. “We all have those people we can call and tell them that we are downgrading and they will support your decision. But we worry about people that don’t care about us. You worry about people that you can’t even call and ask for help.

We worry about people of the world and that is still being attached to material things. You should let of things that are bringing stress into your life. The lesser you attach yourself to material things, the lesser is your stress level – I tell you.”

Mlhongo said that the reason most people can’t let relationships go is that they’ve attached themselves to them. “I’m worried about this and that. We worry about somebody leaving us. We worry about marriage; we worry about a relationship more than we should because we have attached ourselves. Nothing belongs to you. Nobody belongs to you. As much as nothing and nobody owes you anything. The lesser you realize that – the easier and stress-free your life would be.”

He then said that whatever leaves his life must go as he came to this earth alone. “Whoever leaves must leave, whatever goes must go. I came on this earth alone and I will depart this earth alone. So why do why do I stress myself with temporal things? Why do I think this car that I’m in is the breath that I breathe?”

In closing, The Metro FM DJ had an Aha moment and that is the lesser you attach yourself to material things, the lesser the stress levels will be. This includes – Batho bat lo reng syndrome and people who think one can’t breathe without them. T

He advised his followers to be okay and realistic with their financial and emotional situations.

Just the other day he informed his fans that he is in a happy place in his life. The Bathu Ambassador who’s reportedly going through a messy divorce with hubby Mohale Motaung appears to be living his best possible life. The Zaleb has now found again in the for the sport of tennis and has been taking us through this new journey through social media and we are not complaining.

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Main Picture Credit: Somizi Instagram Account @somizi
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