TNS Wants To End It All!

The artist wants to end his life because of the hardships he faces

By  | Mar 01, 2022, 08:00 AM  | TNS Music   | Drama

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With the conversation about depression and mental health reaching its peak after Riky Rick Makhado's passing, more artists are gaining the courage to vent about their own problems. TNS is the latest celebrity to open up about his struggles and he even informed his fans that he is on the brink of ending it all.

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Taking to Facebook, TNS revealed that he plans on taking his own life, but he will do that after releasing his single 'Kubi'. The Sikelela hitmaker warned his fans that he will end his own life, "Before I kill myself, I will treat you guys to my single Kubi, thank you."

Kubi translates to 'Things are bad' and that is exactly what he told Daily Sun when questioned about his plans to end it all. TNS told the publication that as artists they are faced with hardships because of the government's lack of intervention.

"I am perfectly fine but I am angry at out government. For two years we haven't been able to work. Clearly they want us to die and we're going to kill ourselves. I'm going to release one more song titled Kubi, then I'll be out. I'd rather be dead than face the hardships. I've suffered enough and can't take the hardships.

"No matter of counselling or begging or convincing will help. I just want the country to go back to normal if not then I'm prepared to be the sacrifice of the industry. I'm already hearing voices in my head, the spirits are constantly talking to me and this is it for me," he told the publication.

TNS has a son Phupholethu with the mother of his child Nothando Mbatha but they have since broken up. He announced on Facebook that he is single and the congratulatory messages came flooding in.

β€œHow my 2022 started for me. I’m officially single. I have made a lot of mistakes. Hopefully I’ll grow up and learn from my mistakes. I know God will pave the way for me. Beautiful journey continues in love and peace,” he wrote.

β€œI still love my baby mama but sometimes love is not enough. I had to choose between my work and her, [so] I chose my work. I’m at a space where I cannot date but work hard for my son and her. I need to make more money and in order to do that I had to sacrifice our relationship. We did not fight and there are no hard feelings between the two of us but I had to walk away," he told Daily Sun.

β€œI’ll continue supporting her, our son and my entire family. I don’t want this breakup to affect their well-being. Hopefully one day we’ll be back together and raise our son but for now, I need to spread my wings,” he concluded.

But with him thinking of taking the suicide route, where does that leave his son? When quizzed about that, he told the publication that he still cares a lot about Phupho but what use is he to him, if he cannot provide for him.

He concluded by saying he is already dead inside.

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