ZAlebs Who Have Been Body Shamed

Celebs are often critiqued for how they look 

By  | Jun 24, 2021, 02:32 PM  | Drama

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You'd think because they are celebrities, they're perfect and they don't undergo cyber bullying, think again.

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More and more celebrities have become victims of cyber bullying by the same followers that call themselves fans.

In recent years, we've seen celebrities weight go up and down just like any other normal human being. Losing weight or gaining it for that matter is never really a choice, sometimes our bodies just go through some drastic changes that might be seen as "too fat" or "too skinny".

Some celebrities take the criticism with a pinch of salt while others don't shy away from putting people in their place.


Boity Thulo can never catch a break on Twitter streets, especially when it comes to her banging body. The 'Wuz dat' rapper has been serving heat for the longest time now, but recently tweeps weighed in on her body; expressing disappointment about her cellulite and "fluctuating weight."  When a Twitter user shared recent pictures of Boity celebrating her birthday in which she was wearing a revealing white dress, what stood out for many Tweeps was her cellulite. Many were shocked that Boity also has cellulite.

Zenande Mfenyana 

Zenande Mfenyana is one celeb who delivers lethal clap backs at a troll, especially at a time when they mocked her postpartum pregnancy look. Three months ago, The Queen actress  was not having it when a troll body shamed her,;disregarding the fact that she gave birth only a few months before then. In response, the actress hit back by asking the troll if they've ever carried a whole human in their tummy; adding profanity to the reply.

Cassper Nyovest

One would assume that it is only omen who get body shamed, but this is not always the case. South Africa media personality, Cassper Nyovest has also been a victim. Last year, the comments section on one of the videos he had posted was filled with negativity. Fans were questioning why his body had changed, claiming he looked like a rugby player. Although he had recent expressed that perhaps he was also eating for two when his girlfriend Thobeka Majozi was pregnant at the time, trolls did not care. However, he didn't care either and went back to calling himself a Sexy Chubby N***a.

Heavy K

House DJ and producer , Mkhululi Siqula, who is famously known as Heavy K is another man who has been body shamed. The Drumboss, in May, took to his social media to post a full body picture of himself which was met with a lot of negativity and body shaming. The comments section was riddle with disgusting and derogatory names that were directed to the musician, but this time he was having none of it. Hiting back at some of the comments, Heavy K wrote: "Y'all can go eat iK**a [s**t] I'm immune to this energy I know myself very well."


Singer Bucie's self-esteem was put to the test when people on social media started asking her why it took her so long to lose her baby weight. Bucie clapped back and even Zizo Beda had a few words to share with people who don't understand pregnancy and how hard it can be to lose the weight after having a baby.


Ntando Duma 

Ntando Duma, tweeps once said that she looks like the Aliens in Men In Black. Ntando being who she is, she didn't take those critics to the heart as she was quIck to show them what she would really look like if she were an alien.

Thick Leeyonce 

Thick Leeyonce must be one of the most criticised celebrities in South African entertainment. In fact, her body shaming was so bad that it even got her international recognition and endorsements from big brands locally. Thick Leeyonce is not one to shy away from putting someone in their place when they don't have something nice to say.


Zahara was also body shamed by twitter users. The Loliwe hit-maker's fans were treated to a glimpse of the singer’s revamped body after she posted a picture of herself wearing a navy blue body suit with a front zip skirt that was left open to expose her underwear. Zahara responded to the haters by saying that she isn't worried about what they think of her, "The people who are hating on me are are those who have bad bodies, they are jealous that I have lost weight." She didn't have to say much because her die-hard fans were ready for war and were up in arms and ready to defend their queen.

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