Kuli Declines Offers To Have Her DSTV and Other Necessities Paid For

She is happy with her life

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Media personality Kuli Roberts spoke to MacG in this week's celebrity edition of Podcast and Chill and revealed that after she was let go on Trending SA, she had to downsize on a lot of things and that included letting go of her DSTV subscription.

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Kuli said that she had the R1000+ subscription and when she lost her job, she had to let it go and ask her son to give her his Netflix details so she could atleast Netflix because if she cannot afford the R1000 + subscription, sis is not about to subscribe to the other subscriptions.

Kuli also said that she had to choose between her maid of 15 years and her fancy car, a Porsche and she chose to keep her helper and sell her car because people aren't replaceable and cars are. This then forced her to catch ubers whenever she goes somewhere. This however does not bother Kuli because she is mostly working from home and so far, she does not see the need of having a car and likes it like that.

Kuli took to Twitter to address the people that have been so kind to her and offered to have all of these things done for her. She said, "To the guy who offered to drive me around Pretoria for free, the guy who offered me his 5th car and the gentleman who offered to pay my Dstv, thank you and may God continue blessing you but I will be fine. Things happen for a reason"

These acts of kindness left tweeps feeling all sorts of emotional and many were taken by the fact that even with all the bad things that are happening in Mzansi, there's still people who have some goodness and kindness left in them.

In other news, Kuli Roberts is now a politician as she serves as the new councillor candidate for Ward 65 in Tshwane. The party leader is former president Jacob Zuma’s spokesperson, Mzwanele Manyi. He broke the news on social media which received a lukewarm reception.

“The one and only @kuliroberts has joined the winning team. Servant Kuli has signed up to serve the people of South Africa. Servant Kuli is ATM councillor candidate for Ward 65 in Tshwane. We wish her well,” he announced.

Ignoring the hate, Kuli Roberts made it known that she is not new in this politics business, in fact she has been in it for decades. “Well I've been at it for decades. We need to do better and there are many of us. Instead of burning the Schools, let’s extend them.

“I'm all about living in a safe area where they know how to install water meters and don't estimate electricity usage or claim to have undercharged,” tweeted Kuli.

Kuli was very much aware of the hate she is receiving and she told her haters to continue talking about her as she finds it very funny.

One person who is not impressed by Kuli's appointment as candidate councillor is Ntsiki Mazwai. She feels it is not ideal for gossip mongers to become leaders and she still feels some type of way about Kuli.

She remembers when she was younger, Kuli who writes for a popular publication, used to apparently gossip about her every week and was apparently made fun of. So regarding her appointment, Ntsiki says, “Miss me on gossip mongers turning leaders.”

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