Slee's Mothering Skills Questioned

This is after leaving them for a man.

By  | Mar 11, 2023, 12:55 PM  | Relationships

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The Real Housewives of Durban aired its fifth episode. An episode which was considered not as drama-filled as the first three episodes of the latest season which had seen the introduction of Saneliswe “Sane” Bhengu, and Londie London bidding her final farewell to the show.

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Moreover, during the first day, the conversation surrounding the newcomer Slee Wendy Ndlovu was over her sentiments on the contentious relationship between original Durban housewife Nonku Williams and her “gangster” boyfriend Dumisani “RD’ Nldovu

However, as viewers go through the episode with a fine comb tooth, the matter of Slee’s parenting skills has garnered some attention. 

Slee’s mothering skills questioned

In the latest episode of RHOD, Slee who has been touted for how open she has been about her personal life on the show revealed her tumultuous journey as a single parent. This is as she revealed that her relationship with her two children was not as close it was now. 

This is as there was a time that Slee had left her children with her ex and the biological father of the children when she committed to a relationship with her now ex. As such, during that time she did not spend time with nor see her children from the way she told her story. 

However, following the end of her relationship, it seems that Slee fetched her children and worked on creating a relationship with them. But considering how she judged Nonku for introducing RD to her children after a month of dating him, some viewers felt that she had no right to judge Nonku. 

Moreover, she was labelled as a failed slay queen, who only repented following the demise of her relationship. Therefore, there are those that feel that Slee is not better at parenting than Nonku and is not as upright as she now suggests.
But there were those comments that took up to support Slee. This is as they asserted that while Slee might have made a mistake by leaving her children in order to focus on a relationship, Slee did return to her children nonetheless. 

Moreover, since returning to her children, she has made a consented effort to become the ideal mother. Therefore, she is the best person to advise Nonku. 
But one thing that has become clear is that due to the show the two friends are not as chummy anymore. This is as Nonku and Slee were close friends and neighbors before the shooting of the reality show. 

However, it seems now that filming has wrapped, Slee and Nonku are not friends anymore as Nonku has decided to be friends with Jojo Robinson, who has made every effort to come between Slee and Nonku. 

Slee on the other hand has seemingly created a friendship outside of the show with the rest of the housewives. Specifically, Sorisha Naidoo, Maria, and Annie. This is despite Annie’s recent utterances on the show when she suggested that she was weary of Slee. It seems that bygones are now bygones between the two of them.

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