Winnie Mashaba's Husband

Married in private, divorced in private

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Winnie Mashaba, Winnie Mashaba
Dr. Winnie Mashaba is an award-winning South African gospel musician who dabbles as a businesswoman and TV presenter.

She earned the title of 'wife'  in 2005 when she got married and later got a Dr of philosophy title when she was awarded an Honorary Doctorate from Trinity International Bible University for her remarkable work in music.

Although estranged now, here is everything we know about Winnie Mashaba’s husband.

Who exactly is Winnie Mashaba’s husband?

A partial photo of Winnie Mashaba's husband, credit: Style You 7

Winnie Mashaba’s husband, now ex-husband, is called Mokgokgo Makgopa, commonly referred to as Peter Mashaba by the media.

Winnie Mashaba and her husband met in 2003 before tying the knot two years later in 2005, when Winnie was 24 years old.

Throughout their marriage, Winnie Mashaba’s husband chose to stay away from the limelight, and theirs was one of the most private celebrity marriages in South Africa.

After 16 years of marriage, the couple ended their marriage in a divorce that was as private as their marriage.

Does Winnie Mashaba and her ex-husband have any children?

Winnie Mashaba with her daughter, credit: Instagram

In their 16 years of marriage, Winnie Mashaba and her husband did not have any biological children of their own. However, they adopted and raised Winnie Mashaba’s two younger siblings- Helen and Karabo.

In 2019, Winnie Mashaba told Drum Magazine that she had suffered two miscarriages in the past, and in 2021, shortly after divorcing her husband, Winnie Mashaba revealed that she was expectant. 

Winnie Mashaba gave birth to a healthy baby girl Relebogile Mashaba on January 2nd, 2022.

Why did Winnie Mashaba divorce her husband?

Winnie Mashaba’s husband and Winnie called an end to their marriage in 2021 after filing for divorce.

Despite speculations that the couple had divorced because of infidelity on Winnie’s part, Winnie’s husband did not respond to the claims, and neither did Winnie. She also pointed out that she would never go to the media to speak about her divorce or marriage out of her respect for her ex-husband, in-laws, and future husband.

Before the actual divorce in 2021, wild rumours had been circulated in 2017 that Winnie Mashaba and her husband were getting divorced, but Winnie continued to wear her wedding band to distract her audience.

Is King Monada Winnie Mashaba’s new husband?

Winnie Mashaba with King Monada, credit: Facebook

Contrary to rumours that Winnie Mashaba is one of King Monada’s wives, which were sparked in 2017 when King Monada shared a selfie of himself with Winnie, it appears that she is not.

Alongside rumours that Winnie Mashaba was divorcing her husband in 2017, some social media tweeps also claimed that she was dating King Monada and the two were engaged. 

King Monada, who is a happily married polygamous man with two wives, rubbished the rumours saying that he and Winnie Mashaba were nothing more than friends and that he considered her his big sister.

Winnie Mashaba’s new man

It is unclear who Winnie Mashaba’s new husband or boyfriend and baby daddy is since she has been very private about her love life like she was with her first marriage.

Once we know who the new man is, you will be the first one to know.
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