Yonda Thomas Is Off The Market

He is engaged to his long term girlfriend Taz

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Seasoned actor Yonda Thomas is officially off the market as his girlfriend of six years said yes to his marriage proposal.

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Congratulations are in order to the Generations: The Legacy actor who is about to be a married man. He asked his bae Taz Emaran on Monday, December 13, to be his wife and she said YES!

The lovely couple received many congratulatory messages with Pallance Dladla saying it's about time.

Taz is as excited about starting this journey with her bae and has never hid how they feel about each other. In fact when their relationship turned 6-years-old, she revealed more than she probably had to, but the intention was to show that their relationship is as real as any other relationship out there.

"It's been a rollercoaster! We've clashed many times ( like many times). We've disliked each other many times. We've fought many times. We've had many ugly moments that we don't post about. But each time we've learnt a lesson that has strengthened our relationship & that's what matters.

We are complete opposites. He likes rainy weather I like sunny weather. He's a realist I'm an optimist. He's a skeptic and I'm the most trusting person. He likes tea and I like coffee. He sleeps at 4am and I wake up at 4am. My point is that we have nothing in common but we relate on one thing & that is the unconditional love we have for one another," she gushed.

After showing how they have very little in common, Taz then mentioned how they are friends first above anything, "Our relationship isn't a love story from a rom-com, its grittier. The foundation of our relationship is based on friendship and remembering that in the midst of chaos has really helped remind us of the love we have for each other.

"As a people we need to normalize speaking about struggles in relationships. Because believing that love is perfect is in itself a disadvantage. Love is imperfect but beautiful."

Yonda Tomas has also gushed over his bae numerous times, saying she always pushes him to be a better version of himself. “I like how she keeps pushing me to do things that I'm uncomfortable with. You've got to push yourself to the point which you can't go any more, and I think a lot of that she's brought into our relationship. She's pushed me so much,” he said on Afternoon Express in 2018.

Taz has a son who just finished primary school and Yonda always gushes over him as well.

Also getting ready to walk down the aisle is young polygamist Mpumelelo Mseleku son of Musa Mseleku.

Mpumelelo will marry his baby mama Nompumelelo Makhanya and second girlfriend Vuyokazi Nciweni.

He told Daily Sun he will be using his inheritance to pay lobola, "For now I don’t have enough money except my inheritance which I’ll use towards lobola. Again, I cannot disclose the finer details of ilobola because these are sacred discussions between my father and myself. My mother, MaYeni, is not aware of these discussions,” said Mpumelelo.

“I’ve been dating these two ladies for the past two years and now I am preparing to marry them. I’ve met their families and I’ve also introduced them to the Mselekus. They are effectively my fiancées. This December I am planning to spend time with both of them. It’s going to be the first time they meet each other, otherwise, they talk on the phone and on WhatsApp. We actually have a group chat where all three of us talk,” he told Daily Sun.

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