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And she is at peace with it

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You might be wondering why Bonang Matheba is no as active on Instagram as she used to be. Sure, her last post was on December 31st which broke the internet. But, before that, her last post was on September and she was being her usual self. But the gap between the two posts makes you wonder, has she ditched Instagram?

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The socialite shared on her Twitter account, where she is most active, that she does not post much on Instagram because it makes her life much easier. She was responding to a fan who said the reason they do not post much on the social network is because people always assume she is pregnant.

"Hate posting on IG cause there’s always that one person that will ask if I’m pregnant. Makes me so sad honestly." Other agreed with her and Bonang chimed in on the conversation.
The topic of babies and settling down has been something Bonang has been vocal about. But she does not respond lightly to people who meddle in her business and ask her when is she planning on having kids.

She delivered a scathing clapback at a tweep who told her and Oprah to have babies so their legacy extends. "I don't understand why they don't wanna have kids so that the legacy extends," said a troll in that now deleted tweet. She told the intrusive trolls to "go f**k yourselves."

She discussed her intentions of getting pregnant in an interview with IOL, and explained that she does get pressured to settle down now that she is in her 30s, "My life right now I want to party, to enjoy my alcohol beverages, to go to night clubs and party. I want to get on an Emirates plane at two o'clock in the morning and not stress anybody," she said.

"I love children and I know as soon as I have a child everything is going to stop. I can't have a child now because I am very selfish with myself and with my time. There are certain things that I want to do first and achieve before I bring someone into this world," she opened up.

Another celebrity just like her is Lamiez Holworhty but she is raising her step child who belongs to her husband Khuli Chana. Lamiez is not pressured into having a child yet but her hubby is ready to give her babies.

A troll really overstepped his boundaries when he asked Lamiez why does she not want to give Khuli a child. "That's not OK you can't have everything you want in life and fail to give Khuli a child, issa no no. Don't you want a child or Khuli doesn't want a child or is it bcoz you guys can't make a child?"

But sis was not having any of it.

When it was their wedding anniversary, Khuli told S Mag that he wants to extend their family even further, β€œI love that she treats me like him her doll, always dressing me up. I also love how we both enjoy listening to music but more importantly how at ease I am with her. I really can’t wait to give her a baby and extend our family,” Chana said.

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