Buhle Samuels Slams Men Who Invade Her Space

Buhle is also not attracted to Duduzane Zuma

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Buhle Samuels might just be the only female ZAleb who is not attracted to heartthrob Duduzane Zuma. She revealed this in her latest Twitter rant where she slammed potential suitors for invading female's spaces especially in public.

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When it comes to boundaries many people do not seem to know how to respect them and Buhle Samuels is vexed by men who have zero respect for women they are attracted to. Buhle Samuels asks men who find her attractive to not invite themselves when she is out on a solo date.

It is without a doubt that Buhle is an eye candy and her body is to die for. Her beautiful and voluptuous figure is what seems to draw these men but she has no tolerance for ill-mannered men.

The actress started her rant by saying, “Men, why do some of you feel the need to walk up to ladies you don’t know pull up a chair and seat yourself? What manners are these? I hate that thing! It’s so arrogant to assume that your interruption is welcome. Nigazosidina maan! (don't irritate us).”

Men tried to debate with the Kings Of Joburg actress with one saying it depends on the type of man. Making Dudzane Zuma an example, he implied that she would not mind if he invaded her space. Sticking to her guns, Buhle reiterated that he too feel her wrath should he invite himself without her consent.

"I realised one thing about women. Almost everything women say they hate that we do, some dude will do it and get away with it and actually not get this type of reaction. So gents it all depends on who you are. Duduzane Zuma can just walk up and pull a chair," the tweep said.

Buhle replied by saying she would reprimand him as well, "Oh hello no, he will be put in his place! Not everything is about entertaining your desire as a man. I might be in a meeting/convo that has no time for your love sick puppy antics! That’s why some of you are punching above your weight, u can’t see a lady if she had a neon sign."

So gents, next time a beaut on a solo date catches your eye, take Buhle's advice and ask before invading her space. If she does not seem interested, Buhle says take your L and move on, “Approach and let the lady know you're interested. If she says yes or gives you signals that she’s interested, then continue, but if you hear 'no' twice. Then take your 'L' and live happily ever after.”

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