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Deep House DJ Culoe De Song has revealed to TshisaLive that he is now a sangoma. The DJ kept this big news to himself because he does not believe in this new trend of revealing that one is undergoing training especially during the early stages.

The DJ is the latest ZAleb to accept his ancestral calling as we have seen yet another rise in celebs walking this journey.

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Culoe De Song sparked some curiosity with his followers following his post where he is wearing traditional attire and dancing the traditional dance. Most fans in his comments section were not surprised because his calling somehow was evident in his music.

He is one of the most celebrated Deep House DJs in the country and is also touring in other big cities worldwide. But for Mzansi his music hits home and there is something about him which many could not pin point, but now thanks to his post he confirmed it.

Back in 2017, Culoe hinted at having the calling when a fan asked him his thought process when making his hit songs. "When you create a song, do you burn incense or something cause I always get that spiritual connection with my ancestors?" a fan asked. Culoe confirmed it saying it is his gift.
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Speaking to TshisaLive, Culoe said he is happy with his decision because it is teaching him some important life lessons. The journey is very sacred hence his hiatus from the spotlight.

Not only is being a traditional healer his calling, music is also a calling for him. He says this because he has had fans coming to him to express how music has healed them from suicidal thoughts.

“My gift with music is a part of the journey of connecting with my ancestors...considering that music is a part of my calling...So everything about the journey I am on and music, comes under one bag of gifts. The gift of healing.”

“I've had people come to me saying that my music healed them from suicide and things like that...and at the time I was just operating from a talent point of view. I did not know that there was anything special in me...I did not look at music as a form of healing.”

He is also not in the business of competing about being the most famous sangoma, like how the current trend has been set.

“I do have a spiritual journey that I am taking, but it has more to do with all my gifts. Just  as every individual has a different finger print, I have a unique story as to why I am going through what I am going through.

“I don't think it's about being the most famous sangoma and talking about spirituality as the current trend. It's about healing the core of yourself...and also you're giving yourself room to grow and see all possibilities that are within you.”

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