Jamie Foxx To Go Head To Head With DJ Bongz

The American musician has challenged Bongz

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Some feel good content on social media is needed right now and thanks to House music legend DJ Bongz and American superstar Jamie Foxx, we will be getting exactly that.

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Jamie Foxx posted a video of him doing the famous Gwara Gwara dance which was started by DJ Bongz in 2016. The dance was created for his hit single Ofana Nawe and legions of fans started doing the dance. Years later, some people are still doing the dance and enjoying it. Jamie Foxx is also one of those people and we are pretty impressed by his moves.

The musician and actor called it the Stanky Leg which is a dance that originated in the States. It also involves the movement of the legs in a similar way the Gwara Gwara is performed. The creator of the dance told him to come correct and called it what it is, “Gwaragwara dance @iamjamiefoxx,” he commented.

Bongz was impressed and even applauded him but also schooled him on who created the dance, “I started doing the Gwaragwara dance in 2016 the time I was shooting my music video [for] Ofana Nawe just Google it you will see,” he said.

Jamie Foxx suggested that the two battle it out to see who does the dance better and Bongz is up for the challenge.

To show his enthusiasm, Bongz then uploaded a video of him doing his version of the dance and said he is waiting for the date and venue the battle will happen. "Just a warm up for our dance battle.. I’ll wait for the place and time for the battle," he captioned his video.

DJ Bongz made Gwara Gwara more than just a dance. He even started his own company and also sells merchandise under the Gwara Gwara name. Speaking to ZAlebs a few years back, he spoke about being in a happy place because he has everything he has ever wanted. “I own a record label, I’m the founder of Mabala noise, and now I started  Gwara Gwara entertainment and I’m releasing an album this year” he explained.

“I’ve won so many awards, I have a house, and cars and now I have a wife, I’m a happy man,” he said. “I did [pay] Lobola two years back, but I decided to do the private wedding because I didn’t want too many people to come to my wedding,” he added.

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