Lamiez Holyworthy On Embracing Her Body

She has been through the most

By  | Nov 16, 2021, 11:09 AM  | DJ Lamiez Holworthy  | Top of the

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After months of reports that SABC1's long-running music show Live Amp was in the process of being canceled, it became clear this past Friday that the 14 year journey of the show, had definitely come to an end as it bid farewell to its loyal viewers.

The show graced our screen for more than a decade and the last few seasons were presented by DJ Lamiez Holworthy and DJ Speedsta. The duo joined the show in 2018 and they won the hearts of many South Africans with their impeccable presenting skills. Speaking to TshisaLIVE, DJ Lamiez opened up her journey on Live Amp.

The DJ praised herself as a game changer for using the show to inspire millions of people. In light of the negative body shaming comments women are subjected to daily, she said she was able to boost their self-esteems. Lamiez said the show needed someone like her hence that is why she lasted for several years.

“I have been on LiveAMP for so long because I am different, because I am the change that the world so desperately needed, that SA desperately needed. Little girls need to see a woman who look like them, other women need to see women that are real, women with stretch marks, women with cellulite, women with big thighs and they needed to know that it was OK.
“People needed to know that being different is OK and that is also your power once you accept your flaws, no-one can use them against you,” she said.

The DJ is no stranger to online cyberbullying. She is often subjected to body-shaming from trolls who want to dampen her mood. A catfish account recently said she is a man trapped in a female body. This follows after she shared a cute snap of her wearing brown shorts, a white shirt and a black blazer as well as black shoes.

While the DJ looked stylish in her outfit, the catfish account spew bile at her. Not being one to mess with, Lamiez clapped back and said she is comfortable in her own skin. She lashed out at the fake accounts who constantly project their insecurities at other people.

"I have women of all shapes and sizes who follow me for this very reason! I have little girls who look up to me because of how comfortable I am in my own skin! Daily I am subjected to the constant body shaming and bullying and told to be the bigger person. Well today Le nyile ge!"

Lamiez said she used to spend a lot of money on weaves but she decided to cut her hair, “I used to be a weave girl, I used to spend thousands on really long weaves because I thought that made me more like the girl in the magazine would look, so cutting my hair was me taking back my power,” she said.

Speaking to TshisaLIVE, she said it is heartwarming seeing how she touches the lives of many people. Lamiez is all about serving positivity and her fans can attest to that. She is open to uplifting other women which is commendable.

“With every episode, seeing how many people's lives I'd touch, random strangers that would meet me and cry, random women of all ages, most older than me, would come to my gigs in shorts or a dress and would tell me that they were comfortable in their own skin because of me, is priceless."

“I realised that this is so much bigger than me as an individual. That this is for every child in the hood who's been told that they're not enough," she continued.

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