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Do not try to compete with him, you will 'crash'

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If you idolise DJ Maphorisa to the point where you wish to dress like him and spend like him, then he highly advises against that. Maphorisa has urged his stans to not follow his spending habits because he had to make wise financial decisions before he could afford to splurge on designer clothing like it is nothing.

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Madumane, Amapiano's finest rapper, offered free financial advice to his fans on how to spend money. He reckons that before he reached this financial status, he bought his first house and his fleet of cars. He waited until he made these wise financial decisions, to flex on the gram with designer clothing.

The same goes with other people who come after him. He wishes they too would make the wise decisions of buying property and cars before they buy useless things just for the sake of showing off.

"I started wearing Gucci and LV’s after I bought my first house same with my cars. Don't rush you will crash badly take basic steps and make sure your environment you staying in matches your drip. Facts no cap. I'm saying this cause I care about the game no competition," he wrote on Facebook.

Cassper Nyovest also offered the same financial advice this month with his followers after splurging so much money on chains and cars.

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"Gents, have your fun with your money, I would recommend that. What I would also recommend highly is that you get a financial adviser and planner to plan your growth and your future cause that money is going to slow down, even if you stay hot. It's not about falling off, trust me!" he wrote.

"The other thing I believe in is balance. I see ni**as wearing 400K worth of clothes and I get worried cause I'm like yo, this show biz money will slow down at some point. Buy cribs ni**as. I ain't hating I'm giving you game. Have your fun but don't forget to plan a lil bit.

“Everyone, it's becoming a culture that new artists want to prove they are doing well or that they belong by buying Gucci and LV. Bafethu, if you don't balance and plan your future as well, it'll all end badly. Do your thing, get all the Drip but in the background, plan you life.”

He admitted that he wasted a lot of money and that he is not perfect, and that Oskido helped him get his affairs in order, “I'm just giving niggas game. I am not perfect myself, I wasted a shit load of money too. I was just lucky enough to have listened before to was too late and I turned my life about. Oskido used to come to my house to call me to order. I am glad I listened. Balance gents! Try!”

Oskido does give off good advice and DJ Zinhle revealed this on his YouTube show that he encouraged her to get property and start building her home. He visited her home and was impressed with how she managed to complete the mansion and it looked stunning.
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