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She pulled out all the stops.

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If she sets her mind to something, there’s nothing stopping media personality, Lerato Kganyago. Lerato prefers her work to be her loudspeaker and there's no denying she's tapped into various industries to lend out a helping hand. Today, she turns 39, and what a celebrated life she has lived till now! 

She crushed all stereotypes when she became a popular DJ, which was, until then, a field dominated by men. Lerato’s love for designer shoes and bags is known to the world, unlike her love life which is seldom up for gossip. 
Many have questioned if she knowingly married an alleged fraudster, Thami Ndlala, but Lerato has also had her fair share of drama. She had to put a troll in their place after they meddled in her business telling her to get pregnant whilst it is public knowledge that has fertility issues. How about the time she was being called 'Bonang Lite' because many believed she was trying so hard to be like Bonang, even Penny Lebyane joined the conversation. What about that time when she was attacked in a restaurant? It never rains but pours. 

Despite all the drama in her life, Lerato has always been focused on building her empire. Here's a look at what's been going on in her life. 

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Lerato threatened by Jub Jub? 

Clearly, Jub Jub is not a fan of a number of celebs and it shows. With Mzansi up in flames because of all the looting going on in the country, celebs have been voicing their concerns. Unfortunately, when Lerato voiced her opinion against what Jub Jub had said, all hell broke loose. 

It seems Lerato's opinion did not land and Jub Jub took offense to it, by giving Lerato a stern warning that it better be the first and last time she has anything against him.

So what really happened?

Read the full story here.

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Is Lerato with a fraudster? 

Lerato and Thami Ndlala owned the Twitter trends when they announced they were getting married. However, 2 months down the line, everyone was shocked when Lerato announced that they were getting a divorce citing that they didn't have time to invest in their relationship.

What shocked people, even more, was that Thami was allegedly a fraudster who had defrauded numerous retired people of their investments, He claimed he would make a lot of money for them through his forex trading company.

Although Lerato responded to the fraud and infidelity claims by telling her followers not to comment on issues they know nothing about, Thami found himself in trouble again. Ndlala and a friend were allegedly in trouble again for buying two luxury vehicles using fraudulent documents.

How did it get to this and is Lerato involved?

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Lerato sues Avon 

Philanthropist is one of the titles that Lerato owns with so much pride. Lerato launched the Flutter by LKG brand with an eyelashes range and to add to her brand she added the Flutter sanitary pads. This is to target young girls that are disadvantaged and cannot afford to buy sanitary towels.

However, Lerato Kganyago was left dumbfounded after a popular make-up and cosmetics brand, Avon, copied her Flutter business. pointed out that Avon copied her name 'Flutter' when introducing their own eyebrow range.

But was that all?

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Lerato's taste for all things lavish 

Lerato has a taste for the finer things of life and she looks absolutely glam.  Flaunting her designer ensemble, bags and shoes, Lerato does not shy away from showing her fans living her best life. Check out the diva!  
Hope her success reaches the next level in the coming year and she has all the glamour and glory in the world! 
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