Minnie Breaks Silence Since Announcing Divorce

Here's what she had to say...

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Television personality Minnie Dlamini is back on social media after announcing her divorce last week through an official statement.

Minnie first shared a snap of herself on her Instagram stories reporting for work at her sports show home ground looking very fine. She captioned the image - "My Happy Place."

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This was not all, a few hours later she shared her first social media post in a week with her face beat to the gods. The comments to her post were deleted as her fans still have many questions about her divorce.

Announcing her divorce on social media, Minnie says she and Quinton's family experienced incredible joy and devastating loss.

"In the last 2 years our family has experienced incredible joy and devastating loss. During this time, we found comfort in knowing we had each other."

She says their individual losses outweighed their will to continue. The decision came after months of consultations.

"Despite our better efforts to absorb the changes in motion, the emotional burden and the post-traumatic distress of our individual loss outweighed our will. After months of separation and consultations with our family and a counsellor, we have taken the decision to officially file for divorce", she adds.

The two may have ended their union but will remain friends, business partners and most importantly loving parents to their son Netha.

"Despite the end of our marriage and romantic relationship, we remain friends, business partners and loving parents to our beautiful son. This was a difficult to come to and even more heart-breaking to have to announce. In the wake of this news, we ask that you please grant us privacy during this difficult time," read Minnie and Quinton's official statement.

Speaking to her friend Anele in 2018 Minnie revealed that she and Quinton had not gone for marriage counselling before they got hitched.
"We didn't go for counseling before we got married. Maybe it's something we'll have to go to. With the show and producing, we actually didn't go to counseling.

However, she did stress that they had known each other for some time before getting married.

"But, I also believe we have a different kind of relationship. We were best friends for many many years, so our communication is very intense.

I speak to him like I speak to my best friend and therefore there are a lot of things that new couples who are about to get married are still trying to figure each other out. We've known each other for many years," said Minnie.

In the interview, she also revealed what her elders said at her Umembeso "It was understanding that this position came with a lot of responsibility. Now I'm no longer just Minnie Dlamini, I am now Mrs Jones. Now I no longer represent the Dlamini family but I represent a new branch. And everything I do and everything I saw has consequences to those people," she told Anele.

"It was understanding that I've got a whole new set of ancestors that I need welcome into my life. It was also about understanding that being a good wife is about being a good person to my husband and us just always being in sync."

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