"Mnakwethu Proves How Powerful Women Are"

The show is set to make a comeback

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Season 2 of Mzansi Magic's controversial reality show Mnakwethu will be hitting our screens in a matter of days. The host Musa Mseleku is all about polygamy as he believes he made it fashionable. So with the help of the show Mnakwethu he seeks to assist men who want to enter into polygamy.

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The show received major backlash from viewers who believe Mzansi Magic encourages the oppression of women as that is what many think polygamy is about.

Ever since the very first season premiered last week, Mnakwethu topped the trends list weekly because viewers aired out their disapprovals about the show. Very little to no compliments were received so they issued out a statement following the heavy backlash they received.

Mnakwethu helps married men who are scared to approach their wives and ask for their say when it comes to taking a second wife. Now, husband to four women Musa Mseleku, spoke to SowetanLive and debunked claims that the show oppresses women. Instead, he says the show is all about empowering women. 

“Mnakwethu will always prove how powerful women are because it is not easy to do this alone. Men have to ask me to assist because it is difficult to approach women about such matters. It just shows that women have power. Men love their women so much that they don’t want to lose them.”

He says he wants the show to help people view polygamy in a different light and accept the act as normal. 

“Mnakwethu wants to change how the public perceives isithembu and it will reach a point where the society will see it as normal. For now I don’t expect the public to understand it. We are expecting a lot of criticism from the public.”

They have received a lot of criticism indeed even from ZAlebs such as Simphiwe Dana, who did not mince their words when they called the show and Musa Mseleku to order. She called out the team for blatantly disrespecting women and even threatened to report the show.

Polygamy is a cultural practice that Simphiwe Dana is very much aware of, however it is the broadcasting of the show which does not paint women in a positive light. 

"Is Mnakwethu the African tradition hill y’all are willing to die on? I say y’all because it could never be me. Women being humiliated like this could never have my stamp of approval. I can’t even believe that it’s being flighted. Surely we have rights as women," Simphiwe said at the time. 

“And I’m not against polygamy. I’m a village girl. But this is not fucking polygamy. It’s greed, pure and simple. Nx,” she continued.

“Polygamy is only warranted for 2 reasons. 1. You are rich and have lots of land that needs to be overseen. 2. Your wife cannot bear you children. And in both instances your wife chooses your second wife, in cahoots with her mother in law. So f*ck Musa Mseleku and his tiny d*ck.”

Musa Mseleku then demanded an apology from her. Mnakwethu issued a statement defending Musa. “It is unfortunate that Musa Mseleku, our host for Mnakwethu which airs on channel 161 on Tuesdays was attacked on social media on 23 February 2020. The show was not intended to bring harm to the women featured in it, the Zulu culture and most importantly its host Musa Mseleku,” read the statement.

“We are a platform that provides compelling content which is aimed at evoking and not provoking emotions through illustrating societal norms that reflect the dynamics that come with marriage and mistresses.”
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