"It's Gonna Haunt Them And Their Generation"

Nomsa Buthelezi is heartbroken

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The passing of the legendary actor Patrick Shai has hit actress Nomsa Buthelezi-Shezi hard. The star took to her Instagram Live to express her heartbreak blaming trolls for The River star's death.

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"I said I am not gonna cry when I do this Live," Nomsa said, fighting tears as she spoke about the late actor adding, "I can't express the pain that I felt when I heard of his passing."

The actress said social media trolls contributed to the passing of Patrick Shai saying they pushed the go button.

" Ubaba 'Patrick Shai was insulted by people who thought they wanted to trend because they wanted to have the biggest likes...The most coldest people with no respect. He’s gone, congratulations."

“He may have been dealing with stuff in his life, but you pressed the go button. You pressed the push," she said.

She added that she hopes that those trolls never find peace, " I hope it’s going to haunt them and their generation... If it does not come for you in this lifetime, it will come for your children in the next. Continue commenting the way you want. You don't even have the decency to show remorse."
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Lady Du is another celebrity who slammed trolls following the passing of Patrick Shai.

In her lengthy post on Instagram, AmaPiano vocalist said she was triggered because of what she wrote last week on Twitter.

She continued, "I’m hurting for his family!!!! I’ve been through the pain of being cyberbullied, and it can take you to a level mentally you don’t even understand. I’ve watched how toxic people have become, how we now have human beings that are God soooo judgemental!!!

"I’m in sooo much pain because a legend that deserved to be put up on a stage and be given his flowers for his line of work ended up leaving this earth in a painful way!!!"

She concluded her emotional post by asking fans to celebrate Patrick Shai's life and be kind to other people. She wrote, "Here’s what I ask from all of you, let’s not ruin what he worked for, let’s remember him for his work!!!!! Let’s celebrate the person he was and not how he left us. I beg you from today onwards, celebrities, friends, family, can we be more kinder to people!!!! Body shaming, cyberbullying must come to an end!!! It must end here."

Lady Du also previously opened up about being depressed and suicidal. On a now-deleted Instagram post, she shared that she deals with toxic people in her life, "I’ve been through soooo much in my life, I’ve been depressed, suicidal, I survived all that, today as I lie in my bed crying I feel a pain that takes me to a dark place. I feel numb, weak, the toxic environment I’m entering is not good for my heart. I’m crying for my friends, I have to deal with toxic people, still have to smile and act brave. People telling me to ignore everything, how??" she wrote.

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